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Monochroma, what sets it apart from Limbo?

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Limbo has proved to us that a 2d puzzle game still has a space in this industry.  With a very minimal design, mostly just a bunch of weird-looking trees, stones, ropes, etc and the main character can be mistaken for a shadow if not for those two bright eyes.  Limbo emphasized on challenging the players with the difficulty of the puzzles rather than amazing them with breath-taking virtual environment.

A similar game is set to land on the market this year.  Monochroma is an impressive plat-former game located in an industrial world.  The shades of dark and grays will instantly reminds you of limbo, not to mention the  little boy who serves as the main character of the game.  So are we expecting another game joining the bandwagon due to the success of Limbo?  I sincerely think not, there are so many things going inside the game which could tickle your mind.

Monochroma presents a deep story of brotherhood, a very strong story line compared to other games.  And the entire story is relayed during the game; your gaming experience would not be halted by unnecessary cinematic clip.  The animation is Gothic but the story is not that dark, it has a heart.  It’s like Tim Burton meets Isao Takahata.

But if you think that the game emphasize on the story too much, you got it all wrong.  The heart of the game lies on the puzzles that you encounter during the journey.  But compared to similar games, the difficulty of the puzzle is not related to how far or how long you have been playing the game.  I wonder if it’s due to the frustration that those casual players feel when encountering a difficult puzzle. Most of them would just quit the game rather to do some experiment.  Game interface is simple but functional, a game fitted for any age bracket.  I guess that’s what they are trying to create, something that can be enjoyed by anyone.  A story that will catch the attention of the older gamer,  the puzzle that would interest the younger audience  and the  simplicity that can attract casual gamers.

All in all, I think this game is worth to check.  If you enjoyed Limbo and other puzzle games like Mystery Case files you would surely love this game.  It’s actually surprising to know that in this age of 3D designs, a 2d platform game is a lot worthy to play.  Monochroma is something that you’d be hook into but you will instantly lose your interest on the game once you finish it.  Recommended for people who just want to enjoy playing but I’m afraid the hardcore gamer won’t like it.

2 responses to Monochroma, what sets it apart from Limbo?

  1. On March 24th, 2014 at 7:17 pm , Waterseas said...

    Article title seems a bit off, considering there’s no comparing in the article between the two other than similarities XD

  2. On March 25th, 2014 at 8:07 am , Aldren said...

    Sorry, I tried not to mention Limbo as much as I could since this is actually an article about Monochroma. But if you are gonna read the whole article, you will pretty much understand the difference between Monochroma and Limbo. :). Like the deep storyline, difficulty of the puzzle, etc. Sorry for the confusion.

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