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Movie Adaptations

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Movie Adaptations

This day, it is so common for a popular video games to have their movie version, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Doom, Tekken, Prince of Persia to name a few.  But does the movie version meet the expectations of the gamers or they just end up ruining the pictures that the gamers already have in their mind?  Let us examine some of these movies and see what factors they fall flat and where do they triumph.


Video game adaptation should be treated by those producers as a golden opportunity to tap on a new market, but instead on impressing these gamers, most of the time the gamers end up disappointed on an adaptation of their favorite video game.  I refused to believe that there is a scarcity in imagination since a video game is full of it, but even though there are overflowing imaginations on it, the producers tend to release a crap after crap movie adaptation.  Let us see some of the fighting games that have a movie adaptation, Street fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken, in each of these games there are highlights given to every single character, so I don’t think there is no way they can make a bad movie out of it…then I could be wrong.  They created a movie featuring unknown and bad actors, with a minimum amount of budget, a bad director etc.  Never mind the story since this is a fighting game, a story will always be secondary in fighting, I was hoping that I could see some of those kick ass moves, I was hoping…. And hoping… and hoping…until the credits roll.  Give me back my money!!!


Some of you might be complaining that I am only focusing on the less popular adaptation, so let us now look at Resident Evil, a prominent movie version with a number of sequels.  But is it any good?  I made a point before that I hate sequels and resident evil solidifies that thought.  It’s just a bunch of action scenes placed in one movie, where’s the essence of the resident evil that I played? The intense scenes that made my heart skip a beat whenever I would venture into a new scene was gone, they never emphasized the greed of a company who is willing to stop at nothing, those science experiment.  Instead of sticking out to the main story where a main character was seen trapped in a small building full of rooms, and will never know what will hit him, they choose to just throw bombs, big guns and horrendous explosions.


And then there was Halo.  The movie adaptation of Halo made me think that, there is probably a hope in those movie adaptations, maybe this time it will excite me.  The press releases of the movie caught my attention.  For the very first time, they were spending money to create a huge movie.  Then it collapse….


What seems to be the problem on those movie adaptations?  One factor I can think of is that these writers, directors, actors etc. are never a fan of gaming; they are not sensitive on the fantasy that each gamer created inside their mind and tend to just do it on their own way.  If you are an avid follower of a game you have this unique fondness of picturing something in your mind on what could have happened if this thing do occurs in real life.  Each of us already have a movie in our mind and these movie outfits tend to destroy it by cutting budget and creating a movie that is loosely connected to the game.  I think they should create a new team if they are planning to create a movie adaptation of the games, a team filled with people who adore games, those people who have passion to create this and not those people who just want to get the job done.

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