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My top 5 favorite Sega Genesis characters #3

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A video game would never make my favorites list without having a great story along with great gameplay. In order to have a great story, it needed some great characters. This is my list of my top 5 favorite Sega Genesis characters. Here is number 3…

3. Sindel



Mortal Kombat 3 gave us some of the best fighting action in Sega Genesis history. There was blood. There were spine cracking fatalities. There was an awesome story. Finally, there were some of the coolest characters in fighting games in one place. Mortal Kombat 3 gave us the largest variety of characters to choose from so far in the franchise. One of these characters was the total package: evil, sexy, had some of the coolest moves, and had a nifty back story. This character was Sindel.

She isn’t the strongest kombatant (MK’s way to spell ‘combatant’) around, but her speed and special abilities are what make her a favorite of mine to play. Sindel has the ability to fly above her opponents, shoot blue fireballs from her mouth, use her insanely long hair to wrap around an opponent and slam the onto the ground, and finally my favorite move: the scream wave which is pictured in the second photo above in the battle against sub zero.

Some of her weaknesses include her low defense, making her not suitable to face Shao Kahn or anyone with powerful long range attacks such as Shang Tsung if you’re not a skilled player.

Sindel’s involvement in the Mortal Kombat universe’s story is that she is the wife of Shao Kahn and mother of Princess Kitana. She was originally a queen of one of the  lands that Shao Kahn had taken over. After committing suicide from being raped by Kahn and giving birth to Kitana’s sister Mileena, she is resurrected on Earth so that Kahn could gain access to the realm and claim her as his queen. She is an important player in evil’s plan to take over Earth after winning the tournament called Mortal Kombat. Eventually, Kitana convinces the brainwashed Sindel to go over to the good side.

Here is a video of some gameplay with Sindel:



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