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My top 5 favorite Sega Genesis characters #5

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My favorite console was the Sega Genesis. It is what I grew up on at my house. My friend had Nintendo 64, but she always begged me to play the Sega Genesis at my house because it was just…well… better! For me there were some characters that offered me the total package of great story, awesome game play, and extra goodies. I like extra goodies…

There are memorable story lines in many Sega Games, but to make those stories great they required  awesome characters. The characters who made you laugh, cry over a video game, and made you want to punch the TV screen. What that last one wasn’t everyone else too? Oops… Here are my top 5 favorite Sega Genesis characters that were amazing in both involvement in the story and game play goodness starting with number 5!!

5. Vega

vega flysVega

Vega becomes playable in Street Fighter II, Champion Edition and I am insanely happy that he was playable. This crazy matador is incredibly quick on his feet and deals some awesome damage with his claw. The acrobatics this guy pulls off made my head spin in the original Street Fighter II, and made me want to scream because I couldn’t play him. Plus, he just kicked my ass all over the place and that is hard to do.

This nutcase would have the ability to climb up the side of the screen or climb all around the cage on his home stage (a cage fighter arena) and then launch an air assault onto the opponent. He was untouchable on that cage and while back flipping so you could either stay on the cage or keep back flipping to avoid attacks and run out the timer winning the fight playing dirty.

Though he is quick with more than reasonable damage dealing, his weaknesses were his defense along with the chance he could lose his claw or mask costing you more of your health. If someone like Ken got a hold of you for a multiple hit combo, your health would fall faster than a bowling ball falling from the sky.

The vocalization and animations for a victorious fight are too cool. It is as if he was just rubbing it in the opponents face that he won and they sucked the big one! Finally, to top it off, his stage theme is the best in the series.

His story, like most other character’s stories in Street Fighter 2, was really formed in the animated series and movies. He is known both as an assassin and a man obsessed with ‘beautiful people’ that murdered everyone who didn’t meet his obnoxiously high standards of physical appearance. Vega has been rated one of the top video game villains of all time and, if I may say this for the ladies, one of the sexiest game characters around. That last part had absolutely NO influence on him getting placed on this list. I swear.

Here is some Vega game footage with the player controlled Vega wearing green instead of the regular red and blue costume. Vega’s stage starts around 1:55 if you want to skip to that. Lots of double KO’s here and I don’t know how that happened haha! 


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