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Nascar the Game 2013 – First Impressions

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Nascar the game 2013

Developer/Publisher: Eutechnyx

So being a big fan of racing mostly sports car racing/endurance and F1, I try just about anything with wheels when it comes to racing games. I have no bad blood towards Nascar in fact I watch it when I can, just not religiously like some. Having attended races worldwide I play this with and open mind hopping this will be like Sierras old Nascar 2003 game which in my opinion was the best sim for stock car racing to date.

Now normally when I say Nascar 2003 and it being the best sim for stock racing, I get someone pointing at Iracing saying that is the best sim for stock car racing. Well I would agree Iracing is good, but I would also say that Nascar 2003 and Iracing are the same game with just a lot of online tweaks on the Iracing side of things. Oh Boy, did I open a can of worms here!

So now back on topic to Nascar 2013 features all cars and 23 tracks from the 2012 Nascar season. Game modes include Career, Challenge, Full Race Weekend with Practice, Qualifying and Race available both offline and online with fully customizable practice and race lengths.

Nascar 2013 also included a paint booth where you can get creative by painting and applying decals to your car as you like. You could spend the day on this if you really wanted to.


The Game So far.

First impressions of far Nascar the game 2013 is the graphics and in game cockpit are right on, watching the replays looks almost as good as watching Nascar races on TV, quite impressive indeed.

So I have a high end PC with an Intel I7 base, Nvidia 660 and Logitech G27 wheel for trying out this game with full graphics and great a steering wheel package. I set the AI driver strength to pro level because, I love the challenge. I jump in to game to try out by going to practice on a few tracks and to get the feel so as to figure out if I need to tweak any settings. So far so good think everything feels pretty solid.

Force feedback is strong and the bumps really have you re-correcting your course, a lot of times over correcting, but still feel pretty good.  This is something that you will just have to get used.


So for my first race I started by doing a race at Daytona, I qualify at the back of the field in 36 position. I just want to get the race started and get a feel for the car under race conditions.

As the race starts I drop back 2 spots and then I get a better feeling for that car and begin to maintain my place there. In the draft I am able to gain 5-6 positions before there is an incident on track ahead of me. I’m able to make it through the wreckage with a little damage to the front right of the car, noting bad enough to need to pit.

One weird feature of Nascar The Game 2013: The game simulates the caution periods, but giving you a chance to pit before waving the green flag again. During the cautions your car is under computer control and when you are given control back I have noticed a huge force feedback bump on the steering wheel that at times can send you into other car/wall, etc.

This is very touchy and I have seen a lot of people complaining about this in the forums, hopefully gets fixed in a later patch. So far there has regular patching I just hope that it keeps up to make the game better.


Conclusions So Far

Overall I  have mixed feelings on Nascar the Game 2013, to me it feels way more like an arcade racer than a true sim which I was hoping for, but game play is fun and well worth keeping in my game rotation. I will do a more in-depth review of this game later this week as I get more drive time under my belt.



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