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Neverwinter Races

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Neverwinter Races

Neverwinter Races

As Neverwinter launched into free beta period this week the game comes with seven playable races eventually it will be eight. This will be a rundown of what’s available so far. As you can see there is a strong influence from the pen and paper based game to Neverwinter’s races.


This race is in work there is no mention when it will be available yet, except in a later patch to be announced. So this could all be changed at a later date.

The Drow or Dark Elves of Neverwinter are for the most part considered an evil race. They have been known to serve the dark deities.

The Drow should be capable of playing as a rogue or a cleric class with these stats if they say the same after the patch. *** The Drow are awarded the following bonuses +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma***

Neverwinter Races

Dwarf: Neverwinter Races

The dwarves of Neverwinter are the little strong and devoted to their way of life. They are devoted to upholding the memories of their ancestors and their gods. They are willing to give up everything to protect an ally to the end.

The dwarfs make excellent guardian fighters, great weapon fighters or cleric class.  The dwarfs are awarded the following bonuses +2 Constitution, +2 Strength or +2 Wisdom.

Neverwinter Races

Wood Elf: Neverwinter Races

The elves of Neverwinter are tall slender long lived and very athletic. The elves consider themselves keepers of nature and preservers of the way things have been since the beginning of time.

The wood Elves make excellent rogues and control wizard classes. The elves are award the following bonuses +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, or +2 Wisdom


Human: Neverwinter Races

The humans of Neverwinter are the most versatile of all the races. They are capable of surviving all the environments in game and are very adaptable. The humans have been granted a bonus of +2 constitution and Versatile Defense.  

Because of the adaptability of the human the best playable classes rogue, cleric, one of the fight classes, or an arcane magic wielder.  Humans are award the bonus of +2 to any Ability Score, and Versatile Defense (Increase your Defense by 3%).


Half-Elf: Neverwinter Races

The Half-elves of Neverwinter are a mixed race of human and elven origin, so they carry through trait of both races. Half elves tend to be wonderer’s, no staying in one place to long.

Half elves carry the bonus +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma or +2 Wisdom. This makes them excellent rogue/fighter’s to magic/cleric classes.  

Neverwinter Races

Half-Orc: Neverwinter Races

The Half-Orc race of Neverwinter are mixed human and orc race. Then carry traits of both parents which tend to make them stronger than a human and smarter than an orc.  Half-Orc’s are often shunned and live a life of seclusion.

Half-Orcs are granted the bonus of +2 Dexterity +2 Constitution or +2 Strength. Half-Orcs make a great warrior or cleric class characters.


Tiefling: Neverwinter Races

Having an appearance of a devil is never good for establishing trust and the human for the most do not trust Tieflings.  This is just one other thing that the Tieflings have deal with daily.

The Tieflings of Neverwinter are granted the bonus of +2 Charisma, +2 Constitution or +2Intelligence. This makes the Tieflings well suited to be rogues or wizard classes. 

Neverwinter Races

Halfling: Neverwinter Races

The Halflings of Neverwinter make up for their lack of size by have extremely fast reactions and have a bonus to movement speed. Halfling have lived in harmony with the humans and elves for quite some time.

The Halflings are granted the following bonuses of +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, or +2 Constitution. Halflings make excellent rogues, guardian fighter, great weapon fighter classes.

Well thats is the rundown of the Neverwinter races as it is now. If and when these change we’ll update with a further post. Hope to see you in Neverwinter soon!

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