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Neverwinter Review

Posted on 6/16/2013 by with 2 comments

Neverwinter Review

Neverwinter Review

Developer: Cryptic

Publisher: Perfect World


Neverwinter is a free to play fantasy RPG game based on the Forgotten Realms series that uses the 4th edition rule set from Dungeon and Dragons pen and paper games. After that first sentence I’m sure I lost of few of you.

What I should have said is Neverwinter is an action based combat fantasy MMORPG. I probably still lost a few of you. So for you lost people Neverwinter is a game play it, it’s fun!

So anyway I took my time before jumping into writing this review I have one character at level 57 and I started a new one when I started to write this review. The companion videos can be found at the bottom of the review.

What Neverwinter brings is a colorful world filled with lot of quests and places to explore. I really love the dungeons and sewers zone they look like real sewers, although I haven’t been in a real sewer I think that’s what they look like.

The next thing I need to tackle here is the astral diamond dupe. There has been a lot said lately about the astral diamond duping in game. Yes a lot of in game items were devalued thanks to these cheats. I won’t really go into all this because since these cheat surfaced the developers have found fixes for this problem. Did change the game just to the people



The controls are very similar to all other MMORPG’s. The game is largely instance as you travel from area to area by using portals and doors scattered around map zones. Once in the zone you are free to move around the zone and to leave you go back to the portal to select a place on the map to move to.

The next thing we need to say is the combat is action based similar to that of TERA. This meaning you need to aim to attack enemies while mashing the standard keyboard buttons. This is faster than say a normal RPG game.

If you interested in seeing the classes and races available you can check a few of the earlier articles written here covering those in pretty good detail. Neverwinter Classes Neverwinter Races

Your character has basic two characteristics that bind you to certain combat skills. Powers: are your basic skills and what you use to fight enemies, while Feats: are bonuses that are added to your stats and adding bonuses to your powers.

You also receive a companion around level 10. Companions can fight with you or be put into the healer position. These companions can be customized with 3 rune stone slots (rune stones add bonuses to your companions skills and stats) and 3 equipment slots.


The game contains multiple currencies which can be confusing to some people. First you have coins which can be used to buy general supplies from vendors. Coins can be gained through fighting enemies, selling old gear, and completing quests.

Then you have astral diamonds which are used as the currency of the auction house. These are also used to remove rune stones from your armor and other enhancements. Astral diamond can gained through daily quests and by invocation. 

You also gain unrefined astral diamonds from invocation which can be changed into astral diamonds with a limited amount to be refined daily.

Invocation is taking the time pray to the god of your choosing, which in turn gives you’re a buff, experience, and sometimes astral diamonds for showing your faith. This can be done once and hour in game.

Crafting is another task thrown into the mix of character management complexity. Crafting can be done anywhere in the world because you don’t actually craft your crafting minions do it for you.

You hire crafters to complete mission that take various times to complete. Once you have materials you combine to make new armor and whatever you need.  These crafters can be combined to make higher level crafters. Four level 1 crafters can be combined make one level 2 crafter and so on. As these crafter level you open harder recipes to make.

For me the crafting and invocation is a nice game break and is worth the time once you understand the system, but it is often over looked and downright forgotten a lot of time even with the reminder message that pops up when mission is completed.


Now that we have given a run down on the game play, the story begins as you awake on a beach a victim of a shipwreck. I lone soldier tells you to dry out and find your gear along the beach, there is work to be done.

After retrieving your gear you are sent to help the local militia, first but healing wounded soldier and fighting undead in the area. Next you need to fight your way across a bridge to get to reach the safety of Protectors Enclave. This is where your adventure begins.

Overall game play is so much fun, this is a must play.



The world in Neverwinter is designed quite well having large open area that encompass the largest part of the world along with smaller instance areas that are normally harder areas for fighting the boss of that given area.

Protector’s Enclave is the main town in game has been created in stunning detail, I have found myself wandering around just looking at the buildings.

The character models are well done but some of the movements look awkward and animations are jittery. As you play you will get over these problems as you have a real sense of accomplishment as you progress farther in game, but I would really like to more fluid animations as they work to improve the game.

Would also like to see an optional HD texture pack for some of us that higher end systems, just because some textures are really lacking detail, but overall the textures are done quite well.

Overall graphics are very good, just would like to see some more detail in textures but nowhere near game changing.



Sound in game are great but as with most action RPG games sounds can get repetitive because of limited skills in play at any given time. Maybe some randomizations of these would be helpful, rather than the same sound use over and over. So this is clearly not a sound issue more of a game issue.

Music is another plus with beautifully crafted music that really gives you a sense of the environment you’re in without needed to see the screen.

Overall sound is great and I think this game would help from randomization of combat sound.



With all the good things mentioned above there a few things that I had to highlight as not up to par, but not gaming breaking.

First there is a very limited customization on what your character armor looks like. Even as you progress to higher level the armor changes slightly at best, might be better looking from played made armor. I think my armor was almost the same the whole game. This takes nothing away from game play but some people might get turned off from this.

Next the lack of bag space can be a royal pain is the ass, unless you shell out real money for them.

Overall this game is a lot of fun to play once you get over the learning curve of the management items. To be honest this is one of the better game I have playing “Beta”! It is very polished and the game devs have been going out of their way to make sure the game is in good shape for launch on the 20th of June.

I have to put this game in the must play category. To learn more about Neverwinter  visit there site Neverwinter

Verdict is 6 of 6


Companion videos for the Neverwinter Review.

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  1. On June 25th, 2013 at 5:07 pm , Etienne said...

    Wonderful write up one of the games that i started out playing and would like to re continue from where i stopped.Keep it up.

  2. On June 25th, 2013 at 8:18 pm , Chris said...

    Glad you like, just have fun with it.

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