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NVIDIA Shield on Sale! But is it worth the purchase?

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Handheld gaming system of NVIDIA will be on sale this April. SRP of NVIDIA Shield used to range from $250-300 and now you can have them for a very low price of $199. And that is not all it also comes with an update to the software and a new gaming interface for mapping. This option lets the users access the touch-based games using Shield’s button. This will also include the beta version of game streaming, where the player is given an access to their games remotely. Bluetooth for the keyboard and hardware support for mouse would also be available in the upgrades along with the price decrease. This will allow the owners to connect their handheld game system to a bigger screen, giving them the maximum gaming satisfaction. Also Kitkat, the latest android operating system will be implemented on Shield.

But as everyone was saying there are other neat products that can be purchased when you add a little amount of money to that like 3DS or A PS Vita. Plus some of them are not digging the “away from home” gaming system that will be implemented on the upgrades. Some of the gamers are a bit worried that they have to upgrade their graphic cards before they can even use that interface, plus they can also use Steam and access their game on any other laptop or desktop that can run Steam. Next would be the target demographics of this gaming system. Most of the people purchasing this product are die-hard fans and loyalist of NVIDIA, some are just curious gamers who want to check the new gadget then let it go afterwards. But the NVIDIA Shield is a good emulator, they can emulate PSP and DS games. It also runs launchers of some PC games like Portal. I think it can compete with other handheld games, but it falls short of the promotion, not to mention that there is no slated release of this gadget on other continents. NVIDIA Shield is still an anonymous gadget to other places.

There are so many times that an android game has been massively promoted, but fell short on our expectation. Android games would not bring us the satisfaction that we always search for when playing video games, the excitement and the adrenaline rush. But I have to give it to NVIDIA who keeps on searching for a better way to develop and upgrade the system.

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