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Oculus Rift, Zuckerberg and the Future Ahead

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 Oculus Rift

We have been talking about Facebook’s purchase of the Oculus but we never shared our insights to the reader.  A whooping 2 billion US dollar for a Virtual Reality, is it a wise investment or not? Well it depends, as I’ve said if Facebook will stick to the original purpose of the VR then it will not be a success but rumors said that they are planning to develop Oculus Rift.  But as of the moment Oculus rift will only be available for the gaming purposes.

It is a good thing that Mark Zuckerberg is aware that this is the age of mobile game they are looking at the Oculus Rift as the gaming for the future.  They make sure that they are always a step ahead of everyone.  Zuckerberg  believes that there is a high chance that VR can change the way we look at life and on how we do things. It is not surprising that the leading company in social networking site is willing to spend a $2 billion considering that they wanna take the project Oculus in a higher level.

Yep you heard it right.  Facebook is planning to develop it in ways we can never imagine.  Imagine consulting a doctor inside your house or listening to a class lecture in the comfort of your home.  Who wouldn’t love to watch a live football game using the Oculus?  When one look at the massive possibility that a VR can offer it is but fine for them to spent an enormous amount of money.

It is also a known fact that Oculus is up for a tough battle against Google Glass, Morpheus, Fortaleza etc.  But Fortaleza and Morpheus are focused more on gaming.  It’s still a war between the Google Glass and Oculus Rift.  But base on the statement of Zuckerberg, he is quite confident about the future of Oculus.  They are planning to immerse the public first on gaming but it won’t stop there.  It seems that the people behind this project have a clear plan for this VR.

What I love most about Zuckerberg is the openness of his mind for the possibility that this project would be a total flop. From the very first time he purchased the Oculus Rift, he is aware that there is chance for greatness and a chance that his investment would turn out to be a bad thing.  So who are we to judge his decision if he has already made up his mind?  Only time will tell whether VR will be a good thing or not.


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