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On Consoles and PC Games

Posted on 7/26/2013 by with 3 comments

On Consoles and PC Games

Gaming has already become a part of the modern culture, whether you love playing it just for fun or you are playing it to compete with others.  In this article let us compare the two most popular platforms for gaming, console and PC games. Both of them are in a totally different level, people will all have their opinions on which is better.  Let us take a look on the pros and cons about PC games and consoles.

First let us talk about the PC gaming.  There are approximately 4 million people who are constantly online on Steam which proves how huge PC gaming is.  Plus the fact that PC gaming is a lot cheaper,  a quality game will cost at about $50 while in a console it should cost at around $60 or more regarding on how hot or rare the game is.  There are also a lot of games exclusively for PC, which costs at about $20, I wouldn’t say they are on top quality but still everyone can enjoy them.  PC games also tend to give their customers more options to choose from, be it armors, weapons, class or even side quests.  Some of them can also be played in different mode depending on what suits you.  A few PC Games also provide their avid fans with customizable maps or characters that they can enjoy.  But there are also games which have different versions, let’s take Battlefield 3 for example, for me the Xbox version is entertaining to play with your friends, while the PC version is just amazing.  Pc gaming also has evolved with online gaming and the growing popularity of browser games.  Though some of the console gamers might hate the social games since it is less challenging and mostly designed just to cure someone’s boredom, I think he’d still enjoy the social interaction with other players while playing the game.

Many people like consoles for being family friendly with basic but functional system.  Playing a computer game requires for someone to know a lot of things which is a reason why it is not popular for busy people.  Let us take a look at Frozen Throne; there are a lot to consider when playing this game, should you go with the story mode or the battle mode?  How to create a  game, how to join or connect with other players, shorthand keys that one has to use in order to speed up the process, this are just a few things one has to learn if he wants to ace the game.  But we all know that not everyone has time for that, a console game is perfect for a family day during weekend.  Plug it and connect and you’re ready.  Consoles are not only for gaming, some people use it as a DVD player, though PC can also read a DVD movie, admit it no one wants to watch their  favorite DVD in a 20 inch monitor,  everyone would prefer to see it on their 42 inch television set.  Game consoles is also a perfect bonding time with friends, on PC games in case that it’s not an online game, the only chance you could talk to your friends is by using Ventrillo, Skype or Teamspeak, unfortunately only Skype is free to use but it tends to affect your internet speed depending on how many people you are talking to.  Unlike Xbox live which provide a chat room called “Live Party” wherein friends can still talk even if they are not on the same game room.

It is not easy to choose which is better between PC games and Consoles; each of them has their own disadvantages and edges over the others.  Though games on PS1 and Ps2 can be played using PC (I’ll teach you how to do it on my future article) nothing feels better on having the original consoles to get the best gaming experience.   So there you have it, which one do you prefer, A PC or a console?

3 responses to On Consoles and PC Games

  1. On July 26th, 2013 at 12:58 pm , Lissa said...

    Console. My computer just doesn’t handle games well especially large MMO’s.

  2. On July 26th, 2013 at 2:50 pm , agirlandhergame said...

    How funny, I was just going to write a blog post about this! I’ll give you a sneak peak & reply: PC!!

  3. On July 30th, 2013 at 10:17 am , Tarryk said...

    My PC definitely wins (especially with its bouquet of emulators), but I can’t dismiss the consoles. I still have the occasional urge to race my wife in Mario Kart Wii or just kick back to some old-school FF7 in the comfy chair with a bag of chips. Old habits don’t die, they just become rare.

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