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Online Games and there Success

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Online Games and there Success

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, which is the best online games of them all.  Obviously there are a massive collection of online games to choose from, but why is there a sudden increase in number of these online games considering the very short period of time. 

When I was a kid, single player games rule, it would take hours for me to choose a game CD over at the store (since my monthly student allowance isn’t that big). But now, it would take hours for me to surf the internet looking for those top online games and wait for another couple of hours (even days) for the downloading to finish.  So why do people even bother to play online games if it would take them grueling hours before they experienced playing it?

There isn’t much of a choice, since we’ve told you that a good quality single player games are too hard to find these days, most developers are focusing too much on online games. It’s less prone to piracy thus having a higher chances on making bigger profits. 

Unlike single player games that can be easily copied and distributed among your friends, online games are free for all.  You just have to endure the long waiting period, but it’s not much of an issue to me since when I was a child I use to save my student’s allowance before I can buy a game CD.

Next reason would be probably its cost, a game CD would cost you a few bucks, but some online games are offering their games for free, it’s up to you if you want to spend some cash to improve your character.  That’s why online games are mostly attracting the younger generation, they can enjoy the same amount of fun but less expensive.

A massive amount of players enjoying the games would be another reason and it does not limit you to just the people around your neighborhood.  Online games are giving you the opportunity to know the people around the globe and expose yourself to different culture.  Online games do not care about racism, inside the game you are treated not because of your skin color or how you look, all gamers are equal.

Freedom, free to choose whatever type or class and develop them to how you want them to be.  The freedom to customize your character to what suits your mood and style.  Your online character creates your alter ego, everything you wanted to be are reflected on your online persona and that’s what make it a lot more interesting. You were given the freedom to control a character you made and designed.

But having said that, I sincerely wish that online games would be more creative, they are so similar that the only different a few elements on each of them. The main differences are the vegetation, how the towns look and then after the gameplay is all the same.

I do not believe that creativity is in scarcity on our developers, it’s just that they are not willing to take a risk on things that have not been tested, and they are more willing to bet their money on the traditional way of gaming.

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