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Why is it that I have to be reminded in every game to change my password? I have never been hacked or even lost info to a game. The fact is today there are only a few games that keep my interest for more than a few months any way. See that’s another subject all together with, damn I lost a train of thought there.

Back, to passwords. So anyway why do companies even care anymore, it seems like they don’t with the content we get these days. As a lot of favorite games to the free to play route, since these are free if you don’t change your password you only lose your time if someone figures out your password.

To me that’s no harm no foul!

Is this a big deal nope! But I have to complain about something or then it wouldn’t be a rant without it. Sometimes I wonder why I bother but regardless I will have to change that password again before I play because they won’t let me log in without doing it.

Yeah! Yeah! I get it there just protecting themselves from litigation really they could care less about your account, unless you’re the one that buys all the stuff from the in game store and if so them you’re really an asset to the game.

I have never bought anything from an in game store, unless it was currency that was given out for free. I believe free to play should remain free. I’ll let other people pay for the game while I’ll keep getting a free lunch.

I’d write more, but I got to go change my passwords, so I can play tonight have a good one gamers!

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  1. On September 6th, 2013 at 1:03 pm , Bronnie said...

    Totally agree on passwords although the ones set for the phone for banking are the worst as only ever use them when all else has failed and therefore ALWAYS forget them…

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