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Path Of Exile: A road to success or failure

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Game Name:  Path of Exile

Developer: Grinding Gear games

Publisher: Grinding Gear Games



I am a big fan of an Action RPG type of game, it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out the in’s and out’s of the game, it’s pointless but it’s fun (well at least for me).  It only need a brawler going amok inside the game slashing and hacking every bit and pieces of enemies that comes his way.  Path of Exile is a game who falls under this category of Action RPG or ARPG for short.

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It is a sin to disregard the Diablo Series when talking about Path of Exile since  it shares the same format , it seems like Path of Exile was taken in the same mold that shaped the Diablo Series.  But having said that Path of exile was created for the adult genre seeking for a more hardcore approach in an ARPG games plus the skill tree is way bigger than Diablo.  Yes, there is a huge similarity between these two games, the interface, design, game basics etc.  But they also have a big difference when it comes to their target audience.  Furthermore Path of exile did not limit the abilities of their characters; unlike most MMORPG games- barbarians here (which is usually more focus on strength) can learn how to cast powerful spells.  Another big difference is that skills are learned by equipping a certain gem, most of the time a gem’s purpose is to add attributes or enhance weapons, POE thinks way too different and clearly wants to stand among the rest.


the huge passive skill tree

The inventory is just annoying, it is too small but items take a lot of space, and on top of that you are required to pick up trash that allows you to exchange them for scrolls that would identify magical items.  So imagine going back and forth picking up trash and exchanging it for a scroll.  Can you not offer us a bigger inventory?


 the annoying inventory

But when it comes to grinding your character, POE make sure that it sticks to the traditional method, you are to explore various maps, hack and slash enemies and gather loot.  Others might be frustrated on the scarcity of gold drops in this game, but that’s what it makes the game a lot more challenging.  One downside of this game is the “satiety effect” since some of the routine becomes repetitive and making it a bit pointless and boring.


Path of Exile changes our perspective on the common ARPG games, the graphics resembles that of the Diablo, but unlike Diablo whose aim is to target younger audiences, Path of Exile made it bold by doing some adult theme that would suffice the interests and imagination of the older audiences.  The effects in the games are just magnificent.  There seems to be a two contrasting places here, the dungeons which is full of eerie enemies and spooky villains while the town shows a promising positive values filled with hospitality despite the chaos that is happening on the outside world.

Most of the part of this game is just exquisite, the animations is just flawlessly done, the design of the characters are average, disregarding some of the connection problem especially during the battle mode, this is a great game that you might wanna check.


The sound is a bit mediocre, it won’t bring them any award in this lifetime, but the music is actually fun especially during the times that you are hacking and slashing heads of some enemies in the dungeon.


It is not hard to notice that the developers of POE are big fans of the Diablo series or Torchlight, but it doesn’t settle on just copying the original. It brought a new touch and a different approach on some matters without destroying the idea of a common ARPG type of game.  And while this game is offering you a free ride, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t check out this game.

Verdict:4 of 6







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