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Plants vs Zombies 2

Posted on 8/19/2013 by with 2 comments

Plants vs Zombies 2

Developer: EA

Pulblisher: Itunes

Ea just announced that going forward Apple and Itunes will be their preferred partner and will receive more investment than other platforms, not only does this show the changing trend in the gaming industry but is a clear indication that EA and other developers are making more profits from free to play games on mobile platforms that they are off their larger console brothers, Ea is making 10 million pounds a month off Simpson tapped out selling donuts to dumb children who want to progress without any real work. Well Ea is at it again only this time they are using a title that all iphone gamers will recognize, a game that help launch both the Iphone and ipad, that game is Plants vs Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a free to play tower defense game that sees you using different plants, with different affects and abilities to protect your house from the on coming zombie invasion. In order to by these plants you must generate sunshine, the more sunshine you generate the more powerful your plants can be, its that simple, the sunshine generating plants do require sunshine to plant though so resource management is the biggest trick you must learn in this game, the different plant abilities must fight zombies with different abilities, so its your job to decide what plants are needed in order to fight the various zombies, naturally some are more useful than others and some plants are only useful against certain zombies.

Like I already said this is a free to play game, this comes with all the normal annoyances that one has come to expect from this, an advert every 3 games to remind you that you can buy yourself a new helpful plant or pay your way through the game, although these adverts are annoying they don’t interfere with the game and although you can pay to advance you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Plants vs Zombies 2 has a quite natural difficulty curve that at times was frustrating but it wasn’t so difficult that I found myself tempted to pay the 1.49 to buy the next world, I’ll leave that to the dumb inpatient people, thankfully though these people exist in high enough number that Ea can making games so I wont complain all that much.



I enjoyed Plants vs Zombies 2 I really did, the graphics are what you’d expect from an iphone game of this level, nothing special but nothing too bad either. there is a story but its very much like the graphics its rather throwaway and unimpressive and is just protect the house from the zombies using these weird exotic plants. This game would have gotten a perfect 6 from me but a few annoyances means it will be denied that, there was a lot of slow down when there was a lot of stuff going and although those adverts for in game purchases didn’t bother me that much I would have still liked an option that allowed me to remove them, an in app purchase perhaps, this game seems to think there all the range. Despite these misgivings I have been playing Plants vs Zombies 2 non stop for the past two days it gets a five from me and comes highly recommended.




2 responses to Plants vs Zombies 2

  1. On August 20th, 2013 at 12:18 am , Chris Lampton said...

    I started playing PvZ2 yesterday on my iPad and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. It stays remarkably true to the spirit of the first game, which I thought was nearly perfect already, and adds some genuinely inspired new touches (though my girlfriend hates the tile-matching rounds). I’m looking forward to the inevitable PC version, because I’d like to play it on a larger screen.

  2. On September 3rd, 2013 at 4:21 am , The Otaku Judge said...

    I much prefer to pay for a full game than download a freebie and feel pressured to pay for unlocks or cheats.

    I have liked this game, but it does feel tougher just to encourage players to pay for extras. I hope we aren’t expected to pay for the hidden world that appears at the end of the game.

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