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Playstation1 Emulators

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 Playstation1 Emulators

Last time we talked about the comparison between PC games and consoles, but did you know that there are ways one can play these console games on your PC?  Today we will talk about the different emulators for PS1 (next time it’s PS2).  I will present you different type of emulators for Ps1 and it’s up to you to choose, though I will be most probably telling you my favorite emulator.



This is my personal favorite, also known as the Enhanced PSx emulator released last October of 2000.  This is known to be the most compatible PS1 emulators out there.  Epsxe can run different cds and cd images.  But of course it still depends on your plugins and the different BIOS you are using.  Here’s how to use it.

  • Download the latest version of epsxe here.
  • Extract the content wherever you want to extract it.
  • Here’s to avoid future problems, Download zlib1.dll (you can find it over the internet just search for it over dllfiles) and drag it to the epsxe folder
  • Download the Bios.  Here’s what I’ve been using but in case it doesn’t work for you, you can always search the net for alternatives.  Click Here
  • Extract content to the Bios folder
  • Now for your plugins (I won’t include the plugins that include cheating since we all hate it, right?)  Here’s the link for Pete’s Plugin
  • Extract all of the content to your plugin folder
  • Then the last thing to do is to configure it, Use the configuration wizard and just press next and you are done.

Remember epsxe is only legal if you have the PSX console.  And we do not provide image files.


To tell you frankly, I have never experienced using any other emulators aside from epsXe, it’s the last thing I need since it kinda works all the time.  But PSX 1.13 is also a perfect emulator for PS1 (at least that’s what other people said) Installation is pretty much like epsxe, but you need the SCPH1001.bin Bios and the d3dx9_26.dll instead of the zlib1.dll.


 This emulator supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.  And also includes many bug fixes.  You can find a detail instruction of how to install it here.


This emulator is outdated, last version was dated back April of 2005.  Though some says that this is faster than any emulators.  There are also some reported compatibility issue on some PS1 games particularly SPYRO.


Not even worth mentioning.  My friends told me that it doesn’t work most of the time.


Bleem is the very first commercially released PS1 emulator.  Able to emulate PS1 games and Dreamcast.  Support over a 100 Dreamcast games and a massive number of PS1 games.

Of course there are also other emulators like SSSPsx and PCsX that you can use, however I think that the first emulator mentioned above was enough for you t enjoy the classic PS1 games. Next time let us discuss the PS2 emulators and how to enjoy the games without the annoying slow frames.  Enjoy gaming everyone.


The above information is provided for informational purposes only, if you plan to follow the procedures you do so at your own risk. Please check your local laws for the legalities of emulation and obtain legal copies of games for this use. This process is not legal in a lot of countries so please be careful.

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  1. On July 28th, 2013 at 10:50 pm , MasterX25 said...

    PS2 emulation on the PC is the best. Especially after their optimized the emulator, now it can run smoothly even on old computers. And playing on controller is awesome, that is if you can get the control setup correct(using Xbox360 controller).

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