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Pockie Pirates and the Pony-tailed girl

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Pockie Pirates

Everyone playing Pockie Pirates know that it is frustrating to get high level crew members. I know someone who’s already at his above 80 level but still lacks crew strength due to low level crew. But unknown to some there is a certain method that raises your chance on getting an S or even an SS crew member.  I attached a video for our loyal readers in order for you to thoroughly understand the method.  I just want to inform you that this does not work all the time, cause if it does; I probably have more crews than you can ever imagine (lol).


Before we begin in clicking the recruit button, be sure that you have a sufficient amount of silver to use for the low convene, since we are going to need a few amount of them (sometimes it takes a huge amount).  Go to the nearest recruitment bar and click the low convene until the girl with the red hair appear.  Usually her name is Maggie or Polly.  It actually takes sometime before she appears, that’s why I said to check your silver before doing this trick cause if you ran out of silver it would take ages before she appeared again.  After successfully doing the said step, click the advance convene.  If it works just fine for you, you are probably screaming now and displaying your new crew to the players inside Pockie Pirates.


In case that it didn’t work and you still want to try, transfer to another island and do the same process.  I don’t really recommend someone to use his gold, since in my case I have a poor luck in drawing the right card, so I am going to need a reasonable amount of gold.  But if you really want to do it, I suggest using advance convene card that you can trade using the silver goblet.  And remember to enjoy every minute of the game.  If it bores you then quit it find a new game that will satisfy your itching hands.  Good luck


And let me just repeat that this trick does not work all the time.  It only raises your chance on getting those much coveted crew members, so don’t go posting nonsense comment and blame me for some stupid thing that you did.   I created this Pockie Pirates video since some of them are asking how I managed to get strong crew members when I am not a VIP member in the first place.


Here’s the Pockie Pirates video!

Pockie pirates.mp4


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