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Project Morpheus, The New Age of Gaming?

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Project Morpheus

Sony is once again ahead of the competition as it presents its Virtual reality headset, Morpheus,  foreseeing the inevitable plunge on the gaming industry and taking a new route to entice the consumer’s mind.

Worldwide Studio’s President,  Shuhei Yoshida began the presentation of the latest gadget by coining it with the gamers hope ever since the playstation was released.  Who wouldn’t want to experience those breathtaking games in a virtual environment?  It has been rumored that the development of the said gaming console began last 2010.  And the rest as they said was a history.

March 2011, was the time they first made a beta test on this fancy tool at the Santa Monica studio.  God of War 3 was the first ever game that the team tried on a 3D viewer.   In 2012 they made a slight promotion of the VR set through Datura, PSN game.  The trailer of the game showed that it was played using the Sony’s Virtual Headset plus controllers for the hand and head tracking.

Sony has not come up with a name for this gadget until last week.  There was really no significant on the term Morpheus, others said that it was coined after a Greek Mythology or from one of the lead characters of Matrix.  Nonetheless, Yoshida was quick in confirming that the revealed image of the Morpheus is not final and can still face a series of remodeling and improving.  They will make sure that it will open a new golden age in gaming before making it available in the public.

But before we get too excited on the release of the Morpheus,  the developers made sure that this is still a work in progress, so we cannot expect this to land in the market anytime soon.  They confirmed that something so big cannot be done by Sony alone, they will need the help of the entire community of developers for it to be a success.   There are a lot of things to consider before they can finally say that they did it, the scale and proportion of the game, the environment , the art, the game types.  They are quite honest to tell that they are still seeking answers for numerous questions.  That is why they have to reveal the product on public since they are aware that the public can help them on solving these types of problems.

But Sony has to hurry since a similar gadget is rumored to be released by Microsoft.  It’s a race against time!

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