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Putting your faith in a KickStarter Game?

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Well since a lot of developers have been using KickStarter along with other crowd funding sources lately it’s about time I got around to talk about it again. Even some very well-known dev’s are in the mix now.

Peter Molyneux the creator of Games such as Fable and Dungeon keeper has recently had a new project funded on KickStarter called “Project GODUS”. Taking in more than 500,000 British pounds.

Then we have Mark Jacobs and the team from City State Entertainment look for funding for the upcoming MMO game “Camelot Unchained”. This game is still raking in the money topping 1.2 million US dollars so far.

Will you pay for a game before it’s even close to being completed?

As with most of these games they are so hyped up I don’t understand why people are funded an uncompleted project. Yeah I understand the fanboy mentality I was one for quite a while, but I guess I grew up. After a few of the games I played were destroyed I don’t have much faith in game companies anymore.

I know the economy sucks, but if these projects were so good they could find funding without having the need to beg the general public for funds. If not maybe the economy is a lot worse than everyone than it is.

Will I support a KickStarter Project?

As it is right now I will only support Indie projects on KickStarter. I mean come on, the indie projects are what these crowd sourcing sites were designed for and there who are having problems with getting funding.

This is a normal KickStarter campaign: here is our concept art we have nothing else, but give us money so we can finish this we hope! If you fund us we’ll give you a cool in game name if this ever get finished.

But on the lighter side there have been quite a few great things made with crowd source funds and from the growth that we see this venue will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

So today I ask you will you fund a KickStarter based project? I’m still on fence here!

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