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PVE or PVP, What’s your poison?

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There is so much discussion about player versus player or player versus environment and which is better. Well I guess that all comes down to personal preference.

The PVP fans say “Fighting another player takes more skill”. This is true with some of the questionable AI in games. I can’t count how many times I’ve attacked something and the mob gets stuck in a rock or falls through the world terrain map. Only to return swinging at you in an invisible state, after falling through a crack in the terrain.

The PVE fans say “When we play on a PVP server, we always get ganked”. This is true on PVP server you will get ganked, it’s just a matter of time. If you don’t, then you haven’t played enough.


That goes back to personal preference. For most part games that I play are PVE with the ability to PVP when I feel like it. I never want to be crafting weapons for a guildie only to be killed from behind from another player. Yes, that has happened to me.

I enjoy the story and the lore of the PVE games. Content is more diverse and less hostile in PVE game format. The quest and story is a major part of the game. In this game style you have many role playing guilds and helper style players, or care bears as there know in game.

Seems like the PVP games are more based on capture and holding something in a wild-west style land grab, rather than on a story or lore. That doesn’t make it bad. Just it makes a lot of people’s expectations are a lot lower on PVP game content and is more player driven.

Regardless whatever you pick to play, there will be an argument from someone who like the other style of game play.


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