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Quests/Missions, What’s the deal?

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So you just started a new online game. After completing the new user tutorial, you understand the game basics. So now you begin your adventures in a world that is new to you.

After walking down a dusty trail toward a small village seen on the horizon you meet a man on the road carrying a large pack. The weight is slowing him down. He strains from the weight and finally slows down and takes a seat next to the fence which lines the trail.

As you approach him, he asks you to come closer. Then you are asked to take the pack full of iron ore to the black smith in town. You agree and pick up the pack and head into town.

Now the real adventure begins. You reach town. Finding the blacksmith, near the foundry you hand over the iron ore. He asks you to bring a small dagger to an official in town. The town official asks you to deliver a letter to the old women that lives east of town.

Heading east out of town, you follow another dusty trail. You find the house after a few minutes of walking. The old is very happy to get the letter, but of course she can’t read it because she misplaced here glasses in the barn. She asks you to go look for them.

That little story I just wrote above was nothing more than something that I made up, but I think I just described how about 80% of the MMO’s start. At least from level 1 to level 6.

I wrote that scenario in about 3 minute’s time.

If I can write that in a few minutes you would think that the game companies could hire some write with an imagination. Yes there are few games that have done a good job with the story lines. For every game that does it right I can find ten that haven’t mastered it.

The normal quest line is kill ten chickens and come back. Then kill ten goats and come back. Then kill 15 wolves and come back. Get the picture.

Come on quest writers get it together, you make the game more fun. It’s not all about the eye candy graphics. We love stories too.

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