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Representation for the Gamers of the world

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Representation for the Gamers of the world

I was thinking the other day there are lots of groups and organizations that represent various causes, but why is there none that represent gamers? Well I will admit that I had a few beers when I came with this idea, but let’s just get it out and see what sticks.

I’m not saying we need this, but it wouldn’t hurt sometimes. I’m just going to throw some ideas out here and get some opinions from the readers about representation for gamers.

For the gamers by the gamers

Of course if you started something like that you would have to have a reason or benefit to joining.  So what would some of the benefits be for joining the “Gamers Congress”?

The main reason that people join guilds are that it makes life easier in-game when someone has your back. If you had a reliable source to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the gaming world would you join. So I’ll use this as a started for why you would join this cause.

Would gaming companies keep putting out crappy games if we worked as a whole and said were not buying what you’re trying to sell anymore! I think that if we hit their sales figure even slightly I think we could get noticed.

If you had a strong enough group by numbers, you might even be able to work out some deals to get all the members a discount from some game companies, because they would want to keep us happy. If not that would be a PR nightmare for them.

Would gaming companies benefit from this? Of course they would. We would have a massive group of gamers that would be more than willing to help make their games better. If they wouldn’t want to use that then that’s their own loss.

Gaming companies 2nd benefit is that they would receive the endorsement from the group and that would most likely be a game bought by most of other members.

Will this ever happen? I doubt it, but it would be cool if someone organized it. I can’t I’m way too busy! If I just the fire under someone to organize such a group, please let me know. I’ll join.

This is a hypothetical solution to a really non-existent problem and all I’m doing is thinking about this in an open article.

So today I ask you, would we benefit to have representation for gamers, if done right?


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