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Wood for Sheep (The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook)

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Wood for Sheep (The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook)


We don’t do book reviews here every day at Beer and Joysticks, but Wood for Sheep (The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook) is one we had to cover, because the author has put together a great site that I visit all the time and makes a great companion to this book.  When you go to the site make sure you check out the Illustrated Geek Recipes, these are great illustrated recipes that all of us geeks would love to make.

Before I get started I have to say thank you to Chris-Rachael Oseland for sending me a review copy, so let me get on with the show here.

So what is this Wood for Sheep (The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook)? Well this a cookbook that is based around the Settlers of Catan board game. You should be able to find this game on amazon or a game retailer near you.

In Settlers of Catan the players represent colonies on the island of Catan. The player can build up their colony by building roads and settlements and cities, trying to connect these together as the continually settle new lands, trading and acquiring new resources.

This book goes on to explain how to create recipes that can be used with and while play the game. Where to find the dishes to make the base of the board.

Then you put the recipes together and place in the dishes to make the board. The great thing is the recipes are all made to fit in with the rules of Settlers of Catan, so you can put together you edible board and sit down to some snacks and game all in one.

The recipes are pure genius and the writing is witty and geeky which I very much appreciate, along with most of the audience here.

Some critics may say that this is not a real cookbook, it is just made for a game, but I would have to disagree this is an amazing addition to a night of gaming. This isn’t your standard cookbook, but a cookbook all the same and cook book that actually has a purpose unlike all those you see in the stores.

If you’re a gamer and are looking to make gaming a special occasion then this book would be a great start to making that occasion happen right.


Here are just a few of the game sets in picture so you can see what you could be eating tonight.








Wood for Sheep (The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook) is now available at amazon check it out here.

I  highly recommend Wood for Sheep (The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook) it’s a great read, if you would like to make the most of your fun gaming night.

Finally I would just like to say thanks again to Chris-Rachael Oseland for letting me look at this book so I could tell you all about it.

Verdict 6 of 6


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