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Roswell Fighter – Iphone review

Posted on 7/27/2013 by with 2 comments

Another day another iPhone game review, The problem with iPhone games is that there isn’t much in way of variety, a lot of games are either an angry bird ripoff or a tower defense game but a desperate gamer will take anything during a severe drought and that is exactly what I’m experiencing, Earlier this year i had a failure of my ps3 and lost both my scott pilgrim and wii to an ex, i was devastated because i have no access to any real form of income, damn recession. The newest console I have is a gamecube and as much as I love and cherish it the game selection is a bit lacking and any game that’s worth playing is well out of my budget, sorry to ramble on, now lets get back to the story at hand, that little blurb up there is more than just random writing to bring up my word count.

I just wanted to show you that unfortunately my iPhone is the only real vehicle i have for game play and will be probably until the Pokemon X and Y release because 13-year-old me only likes two things, boobs and pokemon. That 13-year-old me never really grew up. So enough rambling, here is today’s review, in an effort to add diversity to my reviews I went to an old school design that has sadly lost favor in the gaming word, the 2D shooter. Roswell Fighter is just that type of game its a top down vertical shooter that will leave you so infuriated that you will honestly consider punching a baby, I know I did.


This game does somehow manage to shoehorn a story in, i say shoe horn because the story goes “aliens have invaded you must fight them off”. That is literally it and after that nothing is ever mentioned again. What follows is you going through 10 levels of increasing difficulty that culminate with a boss battle. During the course of these levels you will find medals that will upgrade your weapons and make them more powerful, these are essential to you getting through this game do not under any circumstance skip these, these upgrades are off set by a lightning bolt style weapon, why? Because why not? Lightning is cool everyone know that’s, just ask Benjamin Franklin, the coolest guy ever. This lightning bolt is devastating and you will quickly rack up the combos and increase you points, your final weapon upgrade is the bomb and unlike the lightning which is charged up this weapon is awarded to you if you get a 3 stars because it kills everything on screen with a dramatic flurry.

As I mentioned earlier this game is frustratingly difficult. In the vain of old school shooters this game will throws lots of enemy’s at you and this wouldn’t be a problem if it was for the lackluster controls, the controls are quiet simple, you put your finger on the screen and the plane fires, you move said finger and the plane moves, its so simple a four year old could play but unfortunately the lack of tactile response hurts this game. These types of games are meant to be fast and furious, its how they were designed and the sheer amount of things this game throws at you only emphasizes this but the iPhone wasn’t designed for this fast movement. I desperately wanted a d-pad or even the analogue stick to give me more subtle controls. As it stood i spent more time moving into the bullets than i did dodging them, the game does make up for this thankfully by giving you lots of lives but i would have preferred one life with better controls.


The graphics are very interesting beast, they are bright and colorful and despite so much going on there is no slowdown, other than game center but everyone know hows bad game center is, i could write a dissertation on how awful it is, I’m sorry i digressed yet again, Roswell Fighter is a solid 2d shooter, i found it very challenging and i think I’m going to keep it on my iPhone. thanks to impressive upgrade, variety of enemies and useful upgrade this get a solid 4.5 from me. Added to that the fact its only 69 pence, you could a lot worse. Next leave the story at home, no one cares.


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  1. On July 27th, 2013 at 10:52 am , Chris said...

    Congratulations Paul the words boobs and pokemon have not been used in a sentence on the site until now! LOL

  2. On July 28th, 2013 at 6:07 pm , Paul Bailey said...

    i’m surprised, there two of the greatest things ever.

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