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Rotten Games

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 Rotten Games

Have you ever heard of an MMORPG that does not allow you to do a trading with other characters?  Most of the browser type MMORPG’s do not grant you the option to trade with other players. Main reason I guess is it will lessen their income since most of the features of the game requires you to spend some real money if you want to complete a certain item.  I hate the fact that some of these games are limiting your interaction with other character, which is one of the beautiful parts of online games.

I will say it with full confidence that the developers of these games are not really a fans of gaming, they simply love the game because of its money making ability.  Their games are less thought of and most of the elements in the games include money.  And to top of it all, they have these loose-players that have all the gears and will tempt you to spend your money if you want to defeat them, it totally destroyed the whole idea of the game, damn you all!  Damn you!

And what the hell is the purpose of your so-called guild system if the only element you offer us is a sidebar chat for us to talk.  Whatever happened to those guild quests?  Ever heard of that?  These developers have reduced the MMORPG games to dusts that would be easily blown up by the wind.  A year from now and it’ll all be forgotten.  I mean do they even care about the life span of their game?  Guess not, who cares if the game dies, they already made a lump sum of money from it.  It’s time to create another poor, browser based type of game, and attract those blind gamers.

I can understand why most of you does not have a party system, (can you believe it?) it is not on par with the qualities by those big game developers.  I say Fuck Off!!!  Its either you create a work that you will be proud of or you don’t. It’s like you took a rotten tomato in the garbage can and present it as a new dish.  Your types of work are just unforgivable.  You might as well stay out of the gaming communities since most of us despise you.

And that is not all, on top of their money extortion from those blind gamers; their browser-games are infested with online ads that make the game a lot slower.  They do not have a full screen option that will allow you to eliminate those distracting ads, those ads that will instantly flash while you are in the middle of the battle.  Perfect, right?

I agree to some of you when you say that these type of games are too hard to ignore, since they are starting to create a noise, especially that it attracted some of the female population and the professionals cause it does not take too much of their time and it’s a good breather to rid yourself of some stress and to cure yourself of some boredom.  But if this is the future of the gaming industry, (Hope not) I can see some gamers retiring earlier than they should be.

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