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Samuel Adams Cream Stout

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Samuel Adams Cream Stout

By Boston Beer Company

Well Friday is upon us again and it’s got to be five somewhere! As a lover of dark beer I couldn’t resist when I saw this in the store a few days. We know that Sam Adams beer are for the most part a great quality product so let’s dive in and give this one a try.


Samuel Adams Cream Stout pours a dark as midnight on a moonless night. It has the used motor oil look to it more brown than black if you look closer, with a small an off white head


The smell of Samuel Adams Cream Stout is that of fresh roasted coffee, with a little vanilla and the sweetness of chocolate coming in around the end. It comes across as the smell of one of those flavored coffees. The roasted malts are the top dog in in this smell and it painful to have to wait to drink it before writing this paragraph.

This is a lot for your senses I can almost taste it from the smell, it’s time for a drink!


Samuel Adams Cream Stout taste quite similar to the description of the smell, with the only major difference of it being less sweet than what I got from the smell. The taste has more of a roasted coffee flavor coming in as the clear winner in the taste department with the creaming sweetness as a finisher.

They put this together so that not one flavor is over powering


When get a Samuel Adams Cream Stout you get a beautifully dark beer that packs a lot of flavor that isn’t over powering as some darker beers can be. This really is a great combination in flavor very well balanced so that you get a little bit of everything in each drink, very well done.

Verdict 6 of 6



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