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Searching for Top Quality New Games

Posted on 7/24/2013 by with 2 comments

New Games

If you are a hardcore gamer, you are most definitely aware about the variety of breath-taking games in store for you over the net.  Some of them are free for you to play others are not.  However most of you will reach that point of exhaustion even if the games are presenting you different options, a great reason why you have to be vigilant about the new games.

Brand new games will present new challenges, a new boss to fight, new puzzles to figure out and new races to ace.  New games are being released all the time, but most of them are not good.  Let us take social games for examples, open your Facebook account and browse to new games; you should find the numerous amount of new releases today.  But how do you find out that it is good?  Should you look at the ratings of the game?  Nah, most of the people who vote for that game is actually a “paid-to-vote” users, the developers are paying them to provide them a 5 star rating of the game.  So it is not that reliable.

One thing we can rely on is the numbers of players, though some of them are also paid to play,  never look at the game description since most of the time it is a way to deceive and lure you that this is a hot game.  Most of the description is full of catchy words and SEO filled word just to land them on the top spot of search engine.  Social games have a blurred estimated number of gamers on the bottom of the game icon.  Though I am not pretty sure if the developers paid the social networking site to make them look hot.

One of the best things to do in order to find a good game is to browse some review sites.  A site like us will provide you with a carefully thought of article about the game, we want to give you things that you should expect on a  certain game, since we do not want you to be disappointed.  But be on the lookout for those review sites that are paid to post, a good way to spot one is that they are full of flowery words; they are mentioning something negative about the game, but not really a matter to look at.   Better yet, post a question on their article, most of the “paid to post” review site, cannot provide you with a proper answer to your question, they are only taking a cue from the developers and most of them never had a first account experience about the game.

A wise thing to do is to ask a friend of yours who already played the game, ask them how interesting that game is.  At least you can be sure that you are getting some real stuff.  Watch him while he plays the game before you engage in playing it, or buying it.  Online games are not that easy to download and PC games sometimes costs a lot, so you really have to consult someone before reaching a conclusion.


So there you have it, these are only some tips on how one can find a good game.  Of course each of us has our own taste and standards, what is good to someone might now be enough to entertain the others.  (Did that help you at all?)


2 responses to Searching for Top Quality New Games

  1. On July 24th, 2013 at 5:35 pm , HoolieCal said...

    If you aren´t sure about buying a game a good its also a good idea to see some gameplay walktthrough videos in youtube and judge for yourself.

    Of course you might get to see some of the gameplay but hey it might help you save a couple of hundred dollars.

  2. On July 24th, 2013 at 6:35 pm , MasterX25 said...

    3 words.
    Know your developers.

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