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Seasonal Updates

Posted on 11/5/2013 by with 2 comments

Seasonal Updates

I got to thinking today while have a few beers with friends about the seasonal updates to games. To me and my friends it seems there are two points of view in these updates, the people who like and those that don’t like them at all.

Two Groups

Group #1: Some people don’t like these updates because it doesn’t add anything to the story of the game or they hinder the story in their minds. Most of these people want the story to stay pure to the storylines. I can understand that I wouldn’t want Saint Nick to spoil your vampire game!

Then there is also the people who just don’t like these updates and that’s that!

Group #2: Then there are the people who like these updates and support them all the way. The way you can look at it, is this is free content to help you develop your character. Yeah I know free means that you might have to go gather Christmas ornaments for the town in your game from a pack of trolls down the road, but xp is xp.

A lot of time the storylines don’t get very creative, but here’s to new content


This year there was a lot of Halloween updates and that seems to one of the most popular seasonal updates that are in most online games today. I like these updates the best, Halloween is a lot easier to implement in most games, because the creepier stuff can and will fit into most games easier.

My conclusions.

The way I look the seasonal updates I not sure if I can say I support them all, but I do like new content. I also like these updates because it can act as a change of pace to the same old same old.

If your one of the people who don’t like these updates then I guess you should take a break from the game or do something that will keep you occupied during these events, like raiding.

Whether you like or hate these updates I don’t know how anyone can complain too much about free content be added to your game.

So today I ask you, what is your favorite seasonal update?

2 responses to Seasonal Updates

  1. On November 5th, 2013 at 2:24 pm , John Heatz said...

    Halloween has the best updates for sure! It just has more spot for imagination, other seasons simply don’t…

  2. On November 5th, 2013 at 2:27 pm , maddormouse said...

    Halloween is my favorite update just because it’s Halloween. Anything Christmas at least gets me in the festive mood in the latter half of the month.

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