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Sexism, Laziness, and Game Design

Posted on 9/8/2013 by with 6 comments

Sexism, Laziness, and Game Design

David Ellis a Halo developer recently came out saying on twitter that the new character models in Metal Gear Solid 5 were “Don’t care if this gets me in trouble. This character design is disgusting. Our industry should be better than this.”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement but I would like to say at the same time you should look at you own game before judging others. I know there is no sexism in the Halo series, lol!

He went on farther to say the following. Sexuality in games can be “used for purpose,” Ellis said, noting he thought it worked in Platinum Games’ action title Bayonetta. However, in the case of Metal Gear Solid V, he said, “this feels lazy and exploitative.”

If I really wanted to play devil advocate here I could say “Dude, you work on a game that promotes all out violence! And don’t get me started on lazy game design.” I had to use lazy because you brought it up first Mr. Ellis.

I know the Halo series has some groundbreaking achievements in your game development and design, so let me list a few here.

1. Shoot other player

2. Die then respawn

3. Shoot other player

4. Rinse and Repeat


I know most of you know me here, so I am just trying to make some points here without starting too much. Because I play a lot of games and I try to judge with a clear mindset before coming out with an opinion.

Do I think there is a problem with sexism in games?  Absolutely! This also requires a little bit of common sense too and I wish that a lot of people would take some time and think about what they want to say before the actually open there mouths.

Do I think there is a problem with laziness in-game design? Without a doubt!

There a lot of issues I have with they ways that games are made today.If I had to pin it down right now, think our bigger problem with gaming is lack of imagination and lack of quality development teams who are exploitative of our money and who could care less about the product they’re putting out. Thank you Indie game developers for carrying my torch!

I know a lot of you that read this site have come to know that I pretty much speak my mind and do that as much as possible. I don’t advocate taking out all the sexy characters out of games or the violence for that matter. What recommend with a little bit of common sense flowing through me is that if you don’t like a game or object to the content, then its easy don’t play it or support that company.  Just don’t go on a witch-hunt and drag me into it I’m the last to buy into political correctness.

I’m just a guy who likes games.


6 responses to Sexism, Laziness, and Game Design

  1. On September 9th, 2013 at 11:06 am , Christopher Messenger said...

    Anytime you have a male dominated industry designing female characters you get sexism. Look at Comics, Anime, and Video games. “I’m a cold killing female merc/assassin: I could wear a kevlar vest. helmet,camo, and night vision goggles…or this bikini top and high heeled combat boots. because exept for these breasts no one will know I’m a girl”

    The laziness kills me more and stop fing stuffing afterthought lame A$# multiplayer into every game and spend that money on story and character development…or make the single player longer than 6 hours.

  2. On September 9th, 2013 at 10:43 pm , Chris said...

    A big thumbs up from me!

  3. On September 9th, 2013 at 12:53 pm , The Otaku Judge said...

    I don’t mind the eye candy. What irks me is how a fellow developer thinks they can criticize someone else’s work when they are guilty of the same thing.

  4. On September 9th, 2013 at 10:42 pm , Chris said...

    I couldn’t agree more.

  5. On April 28th, 2014 at 1:33 am , sparcie said...

    If people want to complain about sexism why do they always pick the female form to be critical of in games. Pretty much every male character is equally dis-proportioned compared to real normal men. So really it goes both ways, neither gender is really fairly represented, and both are having unfair sexual generalizations reinforced.

    The reality is people are playing games to escape, and escaping to become someone frumpy looking usually isn’t what they’re after. So why do people complain about it? It is fiction after all, and has been going on in other media for a very long time.

    and of course if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

    I tend to agree that modern gaming has become a bit unimaginative, but I’m happy playing my old games, the odd new game that is actually good and indie titles. So I vote for what I like with my wallet.

  6. On April 28th, 2014 at 2:18 pm , Chris said...

    Thanks for commenting Sparcie couldn’t agree with you more!


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