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Single Player Games, Where are they Hiding?

Posted on 5/24/2013 by with 2 comments

Single Player Games

In this article, I will not include the games developed for the younger generation.  Let us take a look at what happened to the one player games for the teens and young adults.  We are not neglecting the opinions of our younger audiences; we are just merely looking at those types of more complicated games.

It is true that there are a huge amount of quality games that are being released in the market annually, but it seems that one genre of the games has completely been forgotten and that is the Single Player Game, or also known as the Non-PvP games (player vs. player). Which I cannot comprehend since there are single player games that are so successful namely Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross etc.  I think it always boils down to money.

On this day, most of the new games have a single purpose only, a player going against another player.  I don’t hate a PvP type of game I am actually a big fan.  They do have their place in this business, but having said that gaming is more than just killing each other and proving who’s on top of the game.  As everyone said too much of something is sickening.

For those who doesn’t know the PvP type of games, the teams they are calling are more like a circle of friends that formed a group together to harass and bully new players. To the point that the newbies will have almost no chance of leveling or progressing in the game and will eventually quit the game due to frustrations.  I don’t know who gave this people the right to mock the game that I love.  I believe the game is created for everyone to enjoy, bullies have no place in games.

Another is being unoriginal.  Almost every PvP type of game are too similar. I am not talking about graphics or the story but how the games are played are just the same.  The difference on weapon I think does not make it an original game.

The last and the most obvious is the flooding of similar type of games in this industry.  PvP type of games had created a ginormous amount of competitive behavior among our gamers.  This competition has added a vast number to those who are getting addicted to cyber gaming, which is not good.   Gaming is more than just competing,  its more than just spending a time every day to offer on developing your character, at the end of the day it always comes down to “FUN”.

So why doesn’t these gaming companies release a one player game?  We just need a cool graphics, beautiful environment and intense game playing, and definitely without those obnoxious pack of players trash talking, or even the loud players who keep on posting nonsense on world chat.  Just pure playing no garbage.

 Several numbers of players are only interested in playing these games, on the other hand, we on weigh on all its aspect and provide you with information for you to discern.   I am not putting the single player games onto a pedestal; it has also flaws just like other types of games, mainly piracy.  But I hope this article will catch the attention of those who are in the gaming business and try to develop different games other than PvP games.

2 responses to Single Player Games, Where are they Hiding?

  1. On June 9th, 2013 at 9:38 am , Max Shields said...

    I too bemoan the near disappearance of single player games. Although there are times that MMO is great, there are others where I just want to evolve in my own story line without worrying about some avatar with a huge and strangely written (and most likely making some attempt to be offensive) name bouncing around LOLing and W00Ting going on at length about how the pwned the last batch of n00bs in a match five nanoseconds ago.

    I suspect one of the reasons that this is done is that it is a lot easier to design a game where other humans essentially generate the content on the fly rather than going through the effort needed to develop engaging AI and rewarding content.

    I say it is time for a single player renaissance.

  2. On June 9th, 2013 at 9:43 am , Where has the single player gone? | Max Shields said...

    […] Aldren Castro over at Beer and Joystick’s has a great rant on the near disappearance of single player gaming. […]

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