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So many games, so little time.

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So I have a full-time job and then you add in writing about an article or review 5 days a week here. I have been managing my time off from friends more and more so that I could play more games. It’s very hard to do some times.

I’m not antisocial at all, but I really would like to play more games, so I have been limiting my going out to one day a week, normally Friday nights. Too bad for the friends, but great for the gaming companies.

Here are the game that have been holding my attention for the last couple weeks.

Very fulfilling.

I have been really hooked on Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, the game is amazing! I have just completed the main storyline and that pretty much did it for the game, but it was a great journey and a great overall game.

The quick fix.

I know I really hammer the dog s_it out of Defiance during my review, but a friend of mine got me back into playing this after a very shaky start for me. I will say one thing about this game is it is fun in smaller doses. This isn’t a game that I could play all night long like an RPG, but the game is improving.

If you like the TV show, or just a fan of Sci-fi style shooters this might be a game you might want to try since it has just gone free to play, but limited to 500 EGO. You can still play a lot of the game at 500 EGO.

Old Reliable!


I’m still and avid Guild Wars 2 player more than I should than I should for sure. I normally play a ranger class in most fantasy RPG’s, but lately I have been playing more of a magic wielder and it has been quite fun learning a new class.


Star Wars the Old Republic this has been a weekly habit of game, it’s more of a when I feel like it game. I have been playing more now that the PVP space combat has opened up.

I have played most of the republic classes so now I’m moving over to the dark side to get some of their stories completed. Being bad sometime is fun too!


Rift pretty much falls into the same category as SWTOR where I play when I have a feeling for it. Which lately has been 2-3 times a week.

I love the fact in Rift that you can change character classes when you feel like I, and this make it a lot of fun to play when you’re in the mood for it.

One more game that gets little or no coverage is Project C.A.R.S. This game is really amazing car racing game that I play pretty much on a daily basis, the game is being improved daily with updates. If you like car racing this defiantly a game to check out.

The New.

7 day to die – Yeah, I know I said I had enough with the whole zombie thing a few month ago, but I love the survival aspects of the game and the sandbox environment. I will be playing a lot more of this as it improves.

Brothers a tale of two sons – Haven’t started yet but this is on my weekend short list so I should something soon about this soon.

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