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So you want to be a game developer! Project #1: Fire Hydrant Part #2

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So you want to be a game developer!

When we left off in part one we had just completed the base shape of the fire hydrant. Today we’ll continue on with this model.

Always remember I’m showing you the way I model it isn’t the only way to do, once you get more proficient you will come up with your own way to model. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. When I first started to model I tried to learn a new button on the interface each day and that help out a lot. The whole “So you want to be a game developer!” series is about learning new skills.

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Here’s the fire Hydrant base, let start of by making it look more like it does in the picture the art department gave us, for a reference.


First let’s select the shape we made for our base. You can do that by clicking on the object selection button at the bottom of your screen. It is the one that looks like a highlighted box. After that just click on your object in any view that you prefer. The shape will highlight by turning orange on all edges.


Let’s resize this to the picture. First I recommend changing views to front view, so we can see the picture in the background. Click on the scale manipulator button, once tool arrive on screen you will want to scale the shape down. To do this click on the green end of the manipulator and drag until you get the height you need for the picture.

Next you will need to scale up the witch of the base to match the picture so with scale manipulator still selected click on the center of the manipulator tool it will be the yellow and drag to increase the shapes size.


Now let’s move it down to the base as it is in the picture. Match it up close it doesn’t have to be perfect. Now let’s work on the second layer of the base. Let’s switch the perspective view by hitting space bar once to get out of front view and then move cursor to perspective and hit space bar to make it full screen.

Let’s delete the top part of our shape we don’t need it anymore. Rotate you view in perspective view by holding the alt key and your LMB and the drag so you can see the top of the shape.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, if you do just go to the edit menu in the upper left corner and hit undo.

Now select the top polygon by clicking the face selection tool at the bottom of your screen and then activate area selection (it looks like a stitched box). You select by dragging and letting go when you have the selection. So select the top faces of the shape and then hit the delete key on your keyboard to get rid of them.


Now let’s select the upper edge. Go back down to your tool bottom and click edge selection. Here’s a trick that will save you time every time you model. Click on one of the upper edges and to select the whole upper edge double-click on one edge and it will select the whole loop to something like I have in the picture above.


With the upper loop selected it’s time to learn a new tool. What we will do is use the extrude tool to make the second level to the base shape. So hit the extrude button that will be on the tab that runs down the left sidebar. When you hit it looks like nothing have happened that’s fine. Now let select the scale tool button on the lower part of the screen, because we want to scale this in.

Grab the center of the scale manipulator and drag it till it is close to the picture above.


Now with the edge still selected we want to extrude again. This time we want to extrude up. So hit extrude with the same loop selected and this time select the move tool from the lover tool bar. Once the manipulator show up use it to drag the loop upward. Like in the picture above.


Now let’s extrude in again to almost close the top in. select the loop, then hit extrude, and then use the scale manipulator tool to fill in the top shape. We have left an opening in the top, but we’ll leave that for now.

One thing that I should make clear is as you model you will be using a lot of RAM, it is always a good idea to save a lot and it’s a good idea to save you model now.

In this short lesson you have learned how to scale, move, different type of selections, and how the extrude tool is used. You build on these practicing these and experimenting.

Did you miss Part One of the Fire Hydrant go here to see it. Stay tuned for part three next week.

So you want to be a game developer! Is a weekly web series devoted to answering all the questions and everything about becoming a game developer.

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