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So you want to be a game developer! Project #1: Fire Hydrant Part #3

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So you want to be a game developer!

Time to continue on with our fire hydrant model, so let’s get back into it right where we left off last time, working our base model.


What we want to do is close the hole we created on the top. It isn’t necessary but this will give us a chance to learn a couple new tools.

The first tool we want to use is Fill Hole. You might have guessed it already that the Fill Hole tool will be used to fill the hole on top of the base model. To use this tool first we need to be in the edge selection. You can find edge selection on the bottom tool buttons. With edge selection click on the edge that goes around the whole and double click to select the whole edge or select each individual edge piece by holding shift.

Once the whole is selected, go to the modify panel and click the Fill Hole. The hole is filled, but we now have a problem if we wanted smooth this object. The same applies to the bottom of the base also. For this model it wouldn’t be an issue because we are not going to apply smoothing, but I want to add another tool to your arsenal.

So the tool that is going to help us later on is the cut tool. The cut tool will cut polygon for us to make them more manageable later on when your models get more complex.

So what we want to do is cut the polygon in half to limit the sides in the polygon at the top of our base. First lets enter Vertex selection mode, then let’s go up to the modify tab at the top of the screen and move down to Cut. Click Cut and then your cursor should change to the cut tool cursor.

Now all you need to do is put the cursor over a vertex you want to start the cut from and left click then select the where you want the cut to end and left click. Before you do anything else right click your mouse 2 time to deselect the Cut tool. Now your cut should look similar to mine.

Cutting this part of the model is totally optional, we just did this to introduce another tool so when you need to use it will be there.


So now let’s move on to create the next part of the fire hydrant. Now will create the body of the fire hydrant. This time we will want to create a cylinder to create the body. So go to the create tab and go down to cylinder. Before you click it move over to the option tab on the right hand side.

That will open up a Cylinder option tab on the right hand of Silo. In this tab we want to tell it to use enough sides so that it looks round. I would pick at 18 sections, the sections are the sides. Everything else can stay the same. Hit create.


This cylinder is far too small for the base of the hydrant, we need to resize it. You should a know how to do this if you followed along. Just remember to use object selection so you re-size the entire cylinder.

First I would make the length the right height it should just as tall as the first lip of the hydrant and the bottom should penetrate into the base model a little bit, just hide that it is two different models that makes up the hydrant.

You may need to just move the model once you get it close.


Next we don’t need the top of the cylinder so let move you Face selection mode and then select all the top faces on the cylinder and hit the delete key. Your cylinder should look like mine here.


Now we can use the extrude tool to make most of the rest of the hydrant’s head. First select the upper edge ring with edge selection activated. Once all selected go to the modify tab and hit extrude. Now go to scale manipulator tool and drag the center to scale it out like I have here. Right click to deactivate extrude.


We will use extrude two more times. Grab the outer edge you just created, click extrude and the move manipulator tool and drag it up to form the upper ridge of the fire hydrant. Right click to deactivate tool.

Then grab the new edge and click extrude again. This time we want to scale in again. So click scale manipulator and then drag in the edge until matches up with the cylinder width below.


You should save you project, save a lot of times because you never know when something might happen.

3d modelling is a lot of fun, it takes time and lots of practice, I highly recommend you play around and experiment with all the tools Silo has to offer.


Did you miss Part One of the Fire Hydrant go here, Part Two here. Stay tuned for part four next week.

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