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So you want to be a game developer! Project #1: Fire Hydrant Part #4

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So you want to be a game developer!

Project #1: Fire Hydrant Part #4

Part #4 already? Well, let’s get on with it and try to finish the base shape today.

The last part we extruded the right up to the cap of the base so today we’ll finish the cap and then we will move on to the plugs of the fire hydrant.


This is where we left off.


Ok select the last edge loop we created from extruding. Once selected we’ll extrude upward by using the move selection tool, move the edge up to just under the caps lower edge.


Now we want to switch to the scale tool and scale the same loop edge so that is about the same size as the fire hydrant in the picture.


Select an edge that runs up the side of the fire hydrant, with it selected you want to go to the modify tab and select split loop. This will create a new loop in the middle of that edge.


Now just select the edge on either side of the new loop and use split loop again, to create 3 loops altogether. This should look something like below.


Now we just need to select each of these loops and scale them to fit your picture.


Starting to look like a fire hydrant now! Ok some now let’s use extrude again by selecting the upper loop. Then hit extrude and scale it out to create the lower base edge. Then extrude again and move the edge up to match the picture.


Now grab the upper edge and scale in to create the upper edge of the fire hydrant. I left the center of the edge open in the shape of a little circle, you can just select edge of the hole and click modify tab and look for fill hole.

Like is said before if you wanted to smooth model, you would need to cut the hole you just filled in too a much more manageable shape. We don’t need to worry about that with this model, but I did cover this earlier if you want to look it up in a previous lesson.


Not bad so far. In the next lesson we’ll continue our way to completing this model, eventually getting to put some color and textures so it can be used in our game.


Did you miss Part One of the Fire Hydrant go here, Part Two here Part Three here. Stay tuned for part five next week.

So you want to be a game developer! Is a weekly web series devoted to answering all the questions and everything about becoming a game developer.

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