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So you want to be a game developer! Project #1: Fire Hydrant Part #5

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So you want to be a game developer!


OK were on the home stretch here as far as the modeling portion of this model, so to day I want to get the rest of the accessory parts done on this fire hydrant. We have 3 water connections and a lot of bolts holding it together, so the plan will be to get these done today.


OK the first thing we want to do is create a new cylinder, in the options tab I would pick maybe a 12-16 sided cylinder. Now it will create it right inside you base model and maybe hard to see. So before you do anything look at you numerical editor on the right hand side of the screen if is not visible then go to editors and options and select it and it should show up.


Now just position it where you want it.


We’re starting to lose our picture because our model is taking shape and blocking it out. So just chose the widow that you have the picture in and then go up to the display tab. You should find the select view port image, then use the move manipulator tool to move it to once side.


Ok, now back to the cylinder. We don’t need the ends so delete all the faces in the ends.


The next thing is we need to size this cylinder down a bit, to make it fit the resemblance of out picture.


If you notice in the picture the pipe get smaller, so we want to make this edge before we make the pipe any longer. You can do this with a simple extrude, like we have done so many time before. Hint: select both edges at the same time and extrude both end of the pipe at the same time.


Now let’s extrude the pipe outward to a distance close to the picture. I also selected one of the new edges and add a split loop to create a new segment to this newly created section.


Now we want select the outer loop and scale it in somewhat to make it have more of a rounded face. I also did this to next loop in just a bit.


Next let’s extrude two more times, one in and one outward a short distance. This will create the hose connections for the fire hydrant. Just scale the extrusion in and the move the next extrusion out.


The fire hydrant is finally taking shape

In the next part we will finish the modeling portion of this project and then we will move to putting some color to it.


Did you miss Part One of the Fire Hydrant go here, Part Two here Part Three here, Part Four here. Stay tuned for part Six next week.

So you want to be a game developer! Is a weekly web series devoted to answering all the questions and everything about becoming a game developer.



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