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So you want to be a games developer!

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So you want to be a games developer!

My Experiences, where I got started.


When we So you want to be a games developer! series I think I had people asking more question than I answered so far. I figured I better paint a more of an accurate picture of my experiences.

Firstly, if you have a talent or a skill that is useful you just need to find some willing to pay for it, and that isn’t really that hard if you know where to look.

Where it all started for me.

Well my brother was always a tinkerer in programing, having completed many courses and written many programs without much in the way of a graphical interface. That’s where I came in.

In the early days I was limited to what I could use so I did my best with what I had at the time. We were writing programs for many different things, mostly database managers for different companies.

I would throw together template graphics that the user would see when in the program. This was nothing special and if I was to see them today I would surely get a good laugh, but it was a start.

Later on as I was going to school in engineering I got into CAD. So was drawing most days 3-4 hours and I really like it. About this time I start playing with 3d modelling programs, since they went hand in hand to CAD programs.

3D modelling became my hobby I would design all kinds of stuff that never amount to anything, but it was a great release after school or a day’s work. To be honest I still didn’t really know what I was doing yet, I might not even have scratched the surface yet.


Today I use a lot more 3d and 2d programs (mostly 3d now) then I did back in those days, but the key is to be much more efficient. My modelling starts up much faster now, I can almost plan every step in advance before I even turn the computer on.

As it was back in the early days, I still work on projects from time to time. I have worked on at least 5 projects in the last year and I also do a lot of freelancing here and there when I have time.

If I was to start over, I would start by building a proper portfolio of my artwork, it’s a little late.  So as this series progresses I’ll start putting together a portfolio of the stuff I talk about in this column and hope that helps a lot of you in the process.

I will be putting up some modelling tutorials for this series and as I complete them I’ll add them to my portfolio and whatever else I do along the way.


Once you have a portfolio the next step will Polish your skills, learn some new techniques, and then you can find a job (sometimes volunteer work is just as good to get an idea what you will be dealing with).

So check out our next part of So you want to be a games developer! as we list places you want to familiarize yourself with. These resources will help you get the training you need, connect with others, find some freelance gigs, and may a full-time job in the next part of the series.

So you want to be a game developer! Is a weekly web series devoted to answering all the questions and everything about becoming a game developer.

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