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So you want to be a games developer! Project #1: Fire Hydrant Part #6

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 So you want to be a games developer!

Ok so it’s time to finish up this model today! We have learned a lot of the basic techniques to get you started modeling.

We will focus on adding some details to the model to make it look as real as a real life fire hydrant. The choice is always you to make it look just as the picture or add your own art style to the model.


Here is where the model is before we start today, nothing more than a two nozzle fire hydrant.


We need to make the third and final nozzle connection, which I’ll show you has pretty much already been modeled already.

What we want to do is either go to your scene editor and click the little eye to hide the fire hydrant [if gte mso 9], we only want to see the nozzle part. Or, you can right click on the model base and change to ghosted mode so you can see through it, but I highly recommend hiding it for now.


Now we want to click on one of the center edges and click split loop to cut this piece in half.

Next you will want to select the whole nozzle by using the object selection tool. Then go up to the edit menu and click copy. Then Paste. Now use the move manipulator to move piece out from the original.

Next we want to select half of the model and deleting those pieces like I have in the picture above. Make sure you get all the pieces we don’t want any extra parts hanging around.

You can delete these by using your delete key or selecting delete in edit menu.


Now we want to rotate this new piece 90 degrees so that it will fit similar to the pictures of the fire hydrant.

Click on the new piece and then look at the numerical editor. If it not open you can open it editors/options tab on the upper menu tabs.

Look for the rotation XYZ coordinates, this is what we will change to rotate the piece. For me I need to just type in 90 on the Y line and the piece should be in correctly lined up.


Un-hide the base model so we can see it again, and then we just need to move this piece into the proper location, as it is in the picture. So first position it so it is centered the base model.


Now move it down so it look closer to the picture.


Now it’s all about adding details, to the model to make it look more real. So we want to create the bolts for the fire hydrant. To start select a cylinder and go to options tab. Here we will select a six or eight side cylinder and create it.

The cylinder probably way too big, just scale down to what size you want to use. The positions them in the model where you want them. Remember to use copy and paste to safe time.


There is an advanced way to create more than one copy of each that is called an array, but for now let’s continue to copy and paste or bolts on the model.


For the nozzles covers you need a another bolt that is a bit larger than the bolts that are used for the top rim, once again just copy and paste and scale up to the right size.


The fire hydrant is complete. So far you have only learned the basic the sky is the limit, remember to explore and find new thing everything you are modeling, that is the best way to learn.


In our next part we will look at some methods of doing the UV unwraps and put some textures to the model. Hope you enjoyed the modeling part of this project.


Did you miss Part One of the Fire Hydrant go here, Part Two here Part Three here, Part Four here ,Part Five here. Stay tuned for part Seven next week.

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