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So you want to be a game developer!

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Links and places to see.

Picking up right we left off last time, you should have an idea what you want to do. So now I’m going to drop the mother of all lists in front of you because you really need to do some research and gain a little bit of knowledge on your prospective new job of being a game developer or in game developing.

As someone who wants to be a game developer be on the look out for new techniques, resources, and thinks that will make your skills better, so that is where this list that may never be completed and will be under constant update, please leave comments for places that should be added.


Art: Learning from video is one of the best ways I have found so far, so here some links.

Ctrl + Paint is a great free resource for learning to paint digitally.

Polycount – Excellent 3D guides and articles, as well as great community for feedback in forums.

Digital Tutors  (not free worth every penny). They have tutorials for just about every art program available. (Paid art, 3d, programming training)


3dMotive (Paid 3D Training)

Sothern GFX (great 3d Tutorials)


Art Resources: Already made art work that you can use in your game.

Open Game Art – Excellent open source game asset community.

CG Textures

Good Textures (Clip Art)


Programing: (great resource of training videos)


Game Engines:

Unity – Quickly growing industry used game engine.

UDK (unreal Engine)

Construct 2 (2D game engine)


Useful Programs:

ZBrush (3d Sculpting )

3D Coat ( 3D Sculpting, texture painting, UV mapping)

Mari (3D Texture painting)

Blender – One of the best free 3d modeling tools in the industry.

Gimp – Powerful open source 2d art tool.

Silo 3D (3D modelling software) Great for beginners


Game Developer News Links


Game Dev

Pixel Prospector

If you can’t find what you’re looking for please put in a comments below and always remember to search YouTube because there are some hidden gems there. We know this list is very incomplete so check back barbecue we’ll be adding to it weekly.

So you want to be a game developer! Is a weekly web series devoted to answering all the questions and everything about becoming a game developer.

2 responses to So you want to be a game developer!

  1. On November 22nd, 2013 at 8:27 am , NIck Lawson said...

    Wow, love the link to ‘Ctrl+Paint’ already having fun with their lessons.

  2. On November 23rd, 2013 at 10:14 am , Chris said...

    Yeah that is a great resource for learning.

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