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SOE President John Smedley = Smoke and mirrors?

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Just when I couldn’t imagine SOE getting any wackier, they have done it again.

John Smedley President for Sony Online Entertainment has come out on Reddit and said that the next game SOE is working is dedicated to all the SWG fans that left after screwing up the game.

Link to Reddit

My Story

Hey I have to admit I was one of the displaced players when SWG went through the whole combat upgrade without notifying any of the actual players, but hey like most things I got over it. The game ruined! We packed up our avatars and moved on to better and brighter gaming pastures.

I will also admit I said some pretty bad things about SOE at the time. The question that I pose to myself, can I give them another chance? Saying what I did didn’t change or help at all, but I did feel better after saying them.

My guild and the people I played with was wrecked and not a whole lot can change that. We grew up.

New Beginning

I know a lot of my SWG friends don’t and will not do business with SOE ever again or so they say. I’m not sure I can hold a grudge that long. I guess what I’m saying is I’ll give them a chance but I am not willing to spend any money in order to try this new game.

If this is the holy grail of games I’ll probably play it too. There just is part of me that is very skeptical of game companies, especially if it’s SOE.

So Mr. Smedley I’ll take offer up with an open mind, but I’ll be the first person to say what is wrong and why people shouldn’t play also, so you should keep that in mind too!

So today I ask you, have you ever held a grudge on a gaming company and why?

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