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Sony Nationwide Tour

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Sony Nationwide Tour

On a Nationwide tour that they called “Road to Greatness”, players are introduced to unreleased games via PS4 and Playstation Vita platform. The tour kicks off today in Indio, California at the Stagecoach Music festival and will make various stops at other notable events such as the Rock on the Range on May 16-18 and the Summerfest on June 25 to July 6 and also at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series On May 9-10, Kansas City.

Sony releases a comprehensive scheduled for their fans and promise that more venues will be added in the future. Some are complaining that the worldwide tour of Xbox One covers more cities and was staged on different countries.  As of the moment Sony announced only two events in the east included in the tour, the Rock on the Range at Columbus Ohio and the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis Tennessee.

Though no particular games are confirmed to be a part of the tour, Sony promised that people who will attend the event will get to experience playing games that are yet to be released by the company.

Road to Greatness, is Sony’s answer to Xbox One’s worldwide tour held October of last year.  Here are the complete list of events and date that are included in the Road to Greatness tour.

April 25-27                        Indio, California                                   Stage Coach Music Festival

May 2-4                               Memphis, Tennessee                          Beale Street Music Festival

May 9-10                            Kansas City, Kansas                            NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

May 16-18                          Columbus, Ohio                                    Rock on the Range

May 23-25                         Tulsa, Oklahoma                                   Rocklahoma

May 31-June 1                  Houston, Texas                                    Free Press Summer Festival

June 19-22                         Grand Junction, Colorado               Country Jam

June 25-July 6                   Milwaukee, Wisconsin                     Summerfest

July 11-15                           Minneapolis Minnesota                     MLB FanFest

Given the fact that PS4 is ahead of the console war, it is surprising that they are not slacking.  I believe they are aware that Xbox One is determined to defeat them and grab the top spot to Sony in terms of sales.  But judging from the move of Sony recently, I think they will be holding the top spot for a long period of time.

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