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Sony Online one sub fee for all!

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Sony Online

What is going on at Sony Online these days anyway? There we rumors of a return to a single subscription to access all of their games then it went away, but its back again with a few subtle hints from Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley.

Smedley went on Reddit to get some of the new out and to dispel rumors to what was really going on and gave some more clear changes to what is happening to their games. He also dropped that they are looking into going to a 15 bucks for all games subscription fee. Rather than paying $15 for one game you will be able to play all the game Sony makes.

I tried to get Mr. Smedley to do and interview here on Beer and Joysticks, and received the response “What the hell is Beer and Joysticks and why would I do an interview on that crappy little site”! Well actually I made that part up, I didn’t contact Mr. Smedley, but that’s what I think he would have said.

The biggest changes are for players of Planetside 2 and Everquest 2. Subscribers would lose their roll over station cash and had to spend it each month or lose it. Along with losing most of the in-game perks that come along with subscribing all thrown at you in the guise of making the game more balanced for all players.

Regardless of what happens at Sony Online I’ll keep my eyes on this story as it progresses and keep you posted here.

Update: Since writing this Sony Online has added the subscribers would be able to station cash and let it build as it did before and that the limitations on most free to play games would be or are being lifted now.

So today I ask you, do you think it is a good idea for Sony Online to have one subscription fee for all games?

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