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South Park the Stick of Truth

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South Park the Stick of Truth

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment/South Park Digital Studios

Publisher: Ubisoft



South Park fans have been waiting for this one for quite a long time, with delays and bankruptcies behind them South Park the Stick of Truth finally released on March 4th 2014.

South Park the Stick of Truth

You might ask what kind of game is this, well it’s a lot of mini games rolled into one larger overall game. The base game is that of a role playing game with turn based combat. Just like most RPG’s as you progress your way through the game you get more powerful and have harder mini games and puzzles to pass through.

A word of warning to people who don’t watch South Park there are tons of references and stuff from the show you might not get or understand without watching a few episodes. A second word of warning South Park being South Park can down right vulgar at times, so I’m warning you now.


South Park the Stick of Truth has a storyline of you playing the new kid in town and trying to fit in to the roleplaying game that they play. As the story start you are recruited by Cartmen to join his guild of human in their battle against the elves for the Stick of Truth.

South Park the Stick of Truth

I normally would write out some of the starting story, but I think this would really ruin the gameplay for so I refrained from that and I’ll just give a few details and then let you experience it for yourself.

South Park the Stick of Truth lets you explore the city freely as you try to rid the inhabitants of the elves that menace your order. You will meet a lot of regulars to the show with your first trust companion being Butters.

Combat in South Park the Stick of Truth is purely turn based on your abilities and what equipment is equipped on your character. Just like most RPG’s you will be able to upgrade your equipment and abilities as you get farther into the game.

As you progress you will be given a tutorial to understand how to use your new skills, this is in the form of a mini game most of the time. One of the one skills that stands out is a skill that allows you to fart and blow it around to distract people. This is a South Park thing through and through.

Skills in South Park the Stick of Truth are mostly based on what you have equipped, but you also have the ability to upgrade some these and this all based on how many friend you have made in game.

Your opponents and people you meet in South Park the Stick of Truth will vary from Vice President Al Gore, Nazi zombies, elves, street punks, aliens, the Goth kids, and loads of others.

 South Park the Stick of Truth


South Park the Stick of Truth is exactly the way the TV show looks, it’s like you’re in an interactive episode of the show. If you like the TV show you will like the game.


South Park the Stick of Truth has the same types of sounds and music that you would expect for the TV show, there are no complaints about the sounds here.

South Park the Stick of Truth


If your easily offended stay away from South Park the Stick of Truth, if you’re not you will love this game. I think this has been one of the most memorable game I have played in a long time and I use some the lines from it daily.

If you looking for a hardcore 3d game this is not what you get here, you get a story with turn based combat that takes strategy at times and a lot of thought when you reach a boss fight. At the same time there are times where your laughing your ass off and then sometime you will be anger in frustration as some of the controls are jibbered up on the PC version of the game. Mostly in the tutorial parts, in the game itself the controls are much better than the tutorial, why I don’t know.

South Park the Stick of Truth is a fun game that will keep playing to conclusion,  the game has good delivery with a few minor snags in controls of the tutorials but other than that the game plays just great and is a lot of fun.

Verdict is 5 of 6


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