Star Trek Online Review

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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Review

Developer: Cryptic

Publisher: Perfect World


It has been a long time since I played Star Trek Online (played at launch), but I figured now would be a good time to start a new character and run through a review of it.

It’s great to see more Sci-fi based MMO’s popping up, but they are still the bane of Sci-fi genre mostly be made half-assed just like the average Sci-fi movie, forever stuck in “B” movie hell or was that “B” game hell!

Anyway so I dived in with totally mixed feeling, but hoping for the best. Before I get too far off topic I should tell you what Star Trek Online is all about.

What is Star Trek Online well I would say it is a Free to Play MMORPG wrapped around a crew management simulation, with a bit of ship empire building thrown in.  The game has 3 factions Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation. You have 3 classes to pick from Science Officer, Engineer, and Tactical Officer.

You control your character, ships, manage your crews, and manage your ship’s build.

Sound more complex them it really is, have no fear you will pick it up fast enough.



First thing you encounter in Star Trek Online is a character creation screen, that has a lot of variations to make you character stand out if you want. Pretty normal for an MMORPG player.

I pick a Romulan Engineer as my character and class. A video explains that your home world was destroyed and the survivor have been spread about the galaxies.  The game opens up and you find yourself on Virinat #4 a small farming community.

The movement is the normal WASD controls with an inventory and character sheet with skills tabs. Combat skills are limited to which weapon you choose to use.

A friend of yours need help outside of town in the farming areas, you run through the market place towards the outer rim of town towards the farming district. As you reach the farm your friend informs you that trouble with local insects are destroying the irrigation pipes so you need to fix the plumbing and stop them from destroying the vineyard.

You are then sent in the insect hive to report any finding on why they are acting strange. After venturing in you find some alien equipment that is scaring the insects out of the hive. You disable the machine and back to tell your story to the farmers.

That evening there is a celebration in town as a local beer is brewed for the event. Just as the activities are about to kick off Fireworks are shoot off, as a flight of ships begin the bombardment of the village. The village is under attack by the Tal Shiar!

You run toward the spaceport it is too late the village is destroyed there is nothing left to do but run away, but at least you have a ship. You are accompanied by a friend who will become your first officer.


The ship movement is similar to the ground movements except now you have a slide to limit your movement speeds. The weapons counter and tabs are basically the same. The only other new controls is while your under attack you will see a ring around your ship which represents the shield level.


As you receive points you are able to upgrade your skills to make better use of available class skills. You will also need to upgrade your officers too, officer have an impact on how effective your ship is run, they also act as companions as you beam down to planets. So this adds a little be more complexity to the game having to manage these officers. You will also need to keep tabs on the equipment on you ship to get the most of it.

You stay around the area picking people in escape pods and smaller ship beaming them aboard your larger ship.  Eventually you met up with a Tal Shiar war bird and start a battle with it, as more Romulan ships arrive to back you up.

After the battle you are brought to remaining flotilla of Romulan fleet and are welcomed to join them. This is where your story really begins and the whole map opens up for you to enjoy.



Graphics in Star Trek Online are smooth but lacking in a lot of areas. The highlight is the space area where you ships look awesome, the ground game is much better than it was at launch but still could use some polish.

The graphics style is defiantly on the realistic side, most everything looks as it would in the TV series whether it is the original series right up the latest Enterprises series. I like the fact that they haven’t gone the cartoony route that so many other have done.

Overall the graphics are much better than they were at the original release, but still lacking some areas mostly in the ground based game.



Sounds in Star Trek Online are mostly taken from the TV show, so you know what you getting here.

Sound overall is very clean and crisp.



Start Trek Online is fun, but confusing at times. This game requires more time that the usual game, to learn all the management/ galaxy travel system. I’m understand that in a way, that makes sense you don’t expect to cross the galaxy with ease or we would have done already IRL.

Overall the game is fun, but can be a lot to handle for some people. I have a Federation Officer at the rank of Commander 8 and this Romulan that I started for this review. There are some missions that require a longer than I want to play sometimes. Most of the missions are instanced so if you log before completing you need to start over. So if you have limited time to play be careful what missions you start.

Learn more about Star Trek Online at there site Star Trek Online

Verdict is 5 of 6


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