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Staropramen Svetly

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Staropramen SvetlyBehind Pilsner Urquell, the next most famous brewery in the Czech Republic is Staropramen. Brewed in Prague, they have been in business since 1869. The svetly , or light, version of Staropramen comes in a nice green bottle displaying the year 1869 across the label. The back of the bottle also has a kick ass “S” molded into the glass. Staropramen svetly isn’t exactly the child that gets straight A’s, becomes a lawyer, and lives in a posh Connecticut suburb, but it certainly isn’t the lazy, drug addicted failure of the family either. The beer is 4%, as is expected of a lighter beer. The pour is quite nice, and is typical of a Czech pilsner. The body is a golden color, and it pours a foamy head. The head isn’t as thick as some other beers, and dissipates rather quickly. The taste is malty, but there is a sweeter hint to this beer than some of its other cousins. It goes down easier than a groupie at a Tom Jones concert in 1971, and doesn’t fill you up. It has everything you could want in a light beer: good taste, easy on the stomach, and easy to drink a ton of if you want to play some drinking games.

It isn’t going to win any snobby French beer competition….but then again, who on Earth wants that? All in all, this beer is what you would expect. Goes down easy, light flavor, no real aftertaste, and no weighing down on your stomach. Did I mention how cheap it was? pints can be found at shops for less than $1, and at a bar don’t be surprised to pay $1.25 for a pint a good Czech pub. Drink up, it’s well worth it. NAZDRAVI!

Rating : 4 of 6 4pack


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  1. On October 12th, 2013 at 12:47 pm , Juliann | Browsing the Atlas said...

    I’d never heard of this brand. It sounds a little weak. I like flavor.

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