abcabcabc » Steam Controller to be release on the last quarter and will be on sale this fall.

Steam Controller to be release on the last quarter and will be on sale this fall.

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Steam Controller

Yep you heard it right, the new controller from Valve will be release this October/November and will be selling at a much cheaper price this fall. Furthermore the increase on games able to run on SteamOS will increase to at least 500 games.

The newest prototype presented to the public was last March. The Valve divulged an update version of the console in an Xbox 360 style. The final touch that a Steam controller need is its final design that would suit a Steam Machine that will be available to the public during the latter part of 2014.

They also added and confirmed that there are going to be at least 500 games playable on the said console. The current number shows a game of 382, so we are expecting an additional games of more than 100 games.

As of the moment, Steam has a great line of games that they are offering to the public. Would the additional 100 games be as great as that? Perhaps there will be some, but most of those games will come from indie developer, I cannot see how they will be able to increase their games in just a short matter of time if they do not welcome indies. And since it will be natively-playable in SteamOS there might be a chance that loyal fans of Steam would switch to Steam.

But the downside of this console is its price, on normal day it would range from $400-$2000. But as we said this will be on sale so you better get one if you really want an additional console on your gaming family. Another thing is the missing layman’s instruction. Sure there are 500 games to play, but what games are we gonna play and to what specs will the game run? People who just enter a store to purchase one will end up getting disappointed if he bought a console that would not run his favorite game.

So what can Steam do in order to battle these disadvantages? As early as today, Steam should be placing their consoles in gaming stores and hub and offer a free test of their product. PS4 and Xbox one are doing the same thing as to avoid further implications. It is still early to tell whether Steam can rival major player in the console field, but having a wide array of games to choose from is definitely a good start.

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