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Talking politics in game chat!

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I few days ago we talked about getting advice to build a computer from in-game and today is just a follow up of another dumb subject in-game chat, politics.

I really don’t care how you stand on either side of the issues, our overpaid career politicians don’t really care either. If they did we wouldn’t have a need for them, or they would only need to meet for a month or two a year, like they did a hundred years ago.

The last thing I want to hear about is politics in game, what I really want to hear about is what the Kardashian’s have been up to, that really gets my blood flowing. Sorry that was a shot at someone, who is always in the news and I’m still trying to figure out who it or what it is!

Anyway back on subject, talking politics in game is pointless you don’t even know where the person is your arguing with is. People will have different views of what is right believe me I have been to more than 70 different countries and have lived is several of those different countries.

Regardless of the issues in game to enjoy the game and to forget what is going out of it. In game politics hasn’t really be perfected yet, but someday that will open a whole new door to gaming, until then let’s keep out traps shut.

So today I ask you, do you talk politics in game?

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