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Tell the truth or don’t say anything at all!

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There is such a thing call ethics when it comes to telling the truth about a review or a games flaws. We have always decided to take the stand here that if we don’t like a game we tell you unlike some of the other blogs around.

This all stems from a bunch of things that was said on our Blog compared to what is said on other blogs around the web. Some others, I will leave unnamed MMO Blogs will tell you a different story when it comes to how a game is, but really in the background the blog is taking money for advertising.

Sample excerpt taken from competed blog.

They write a preview/review and list out at least 15 problems with game play etc. Then close out the mammoth writing by saying, but even with all these problems the game is still fun and we’ll continue to play it. Yeah right.

Don’t worry I will continue to read your blog so I can get a dose of laughs each day.

If taking money from games companies for advertising game makes it so you can’t tell the truth then you’re lying to the people that come to your blog. That means you have no ethics and your blog sucks! We will not feed you anything like that here.

If you want to advertise here and you can’t handle a critique of your work, then go away until you grow up. We don’t need you and more importantly the gaming community doesn’t need or the crap you pass off as games.

We do not hold back out writers ever. They write from the heart and will always continue to do so. If these other guys don’t they are lying to themselves and more importantly to you the reader. That is one promise that will always be guaranteed here!

Beer and Joysticks Promise #1: All writers will write as they see fit and call it like they see it always. We will not be bribed!

3 responses to Tell the truth or don’t say anything at all!

  1. On April 4th, 2013 at 8:13 pm , Kalumama said...

    The above article is so informative.Always we say something,which is true and logical and informative.Reading the above article,i have been cleared about many things.Thanks a lot to admin giving such type of post.

  2. On April 4th, 2013 at 8:15 pm , Valeria Emily said...

    I am on side that is tell the truth not saying anything at all.Cause we all know that someday the truth must be published by fair means or foul so why I will late.Besides, I want to lead my life as a honest man that’s why I like telling truth whatever happens I don’t care.

  3. On April 4th, 2013 at 8:42 pm , Kitc68700 said...

    The above article is good enough to understand about the truth and logical informative. Anything may rises in human days but truth is worth. And I do agree tell truth or seal mouth. Thank for the post.

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