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TERA Review

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Developer: Bluehole Studio

Publisher: En Masse Entertainment TERA Review TERA Review


TERA is a fantasy based action RPG. The game has a vast fantasy world and with stunning graphics and plenty of monster to fight along the way. TERA features seven playable races, eight playable classes, and even a political system for you aspiring politicians out there.


Being a standard MMO player it was a little rough getting into this game, because the controls took some time to get used too. For you MMO players out there, you will need to learn to aim as if you are in a FPS during combat if you have any hope of defeating your enemies. Another thing to keep in mind for ranged/casters builds is that you can’t kite enemies, for the record you can’t move while using a skill at all.

You will have to develop a play style of using your skill, then move, use a skill, and so on, if you want to play that way. This style of combat gameplay is a bit annoying at the start, but let me tell you though once you do, it is a very fun game to play.

The game starts out with a tutorial where you are walked through a beach area raved by years of war and the rough ocean to its side. This area helps you learn the controls along with learning how you inventory and all the basic game items work.

To leave this area you need to heal the wounded soldiers on the beach and then join up with some allies to fight your way out of a cave complex to reach one of the boss monsters on the high cliffs above the beach.

After the defeat of the boss monster you head over to the Island of Dawn to begin your real adventure. The funny part is you find out now that first area was just to learn controls, you gain nothing and keep nothing from this first area. This new Island area is basically an extension of the first tutorial area, but this time your adventuring items are yours to keep and you really begin the game here.

This area is full of interesting lore and plenty of adventure featuring ruins that need to be explored and relics that need to be recovered from each of the historic sites located around the island. This area last to about levels 10-11, by the time you leave this area you will have learned everything you need to know to play this game.

As you leave the Island of Dawn by a Pegasus transport you get a flyby to see the whole area before flying off to Velika home of the The Valkyon Federation.  The Valkyon Federation is the ruling government of all playable in game races.

You can become part of the government by running for office at level 50(must also be a guild leader of at least 20 people), and you are granted voting rights at level 20 to be able to vote for your favorite candidate. This is a great way to get the community together and great way to meet new people.

After this Velika you are headed out to the Fae Forests to fight enemies. This is where you will be happy to find out that at level 11 everyone is granted a mount and you will need it because the world is huge.

From this point on the adventure is up to you. I’m still chugging along and have actually started a second character since writing this review. TERA Review TERA Review


TERA is full of a stylized graphics that are very similar to a lot of Asian games on the market. But what makes this game different is they have really put together a game with the look of a modern graphics. This much more detailed than most of the Asian clone games out there.

Not that I’m knocking Asian MMO games in general, it’s just the fact that this game looks as though it was thought out much better and more time was put into the details.

So overall the graphics are very good and very appealing to the eyes. These are graphics need a pretty hefty CPU and video card to run it with full detail on, but even on the lower setting the game looks good. Overall I love the stylized graphics that is TERA!


The music in game is vibrant and very fitting for the genre. The music is original and fresh for a game like this and is very similar to the music from the Guild Wars series. For me music doesn’t make or break a game for me I want most of the focus to be on the gameplay’s sounds and the environments immersion.

The sounds are very good overall. The one and only problem I have is the repetitive nature of the fighting sounds, but that is part of the action RPG that can’t really be changed. They might want to look into adding some randomness to the fighting sounds which could add a little variation to gameplay sounds.



TERA is a well-polished graphically stunning at times action RPG fantasy game that is a lot of fun to play solo or with friends. TERA has a thriving community that is very helpful at times when needed, but as with every free to play game out there some of the community can be disruptive in general chat.


This game is well worth the download and once you get into game you will see what has kept me hooked to the game. This is a highly recommended game to play. That line alone is hard for me to say because I don’t say that very often!

Verdict 5 of 6 TERA Review TERA Review


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