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Tesla Wars – The iphone game review

Posted on 7/26/2013 by with 2 comments

Tesla Wars

Developer: Pavel Tarabrin

Publisher: Itunes

Tesla Wars is your very generic tower defense game, In this game you have to defend a Tesla coil in the middle from the on coming masses, tower defense games are a dime a dozen on the iPhone so it takes something special to separate it from the crowd and I’m sorry to report that this has not done that. The game play of this game involves you using the Tesla coil to fire lightening bolts at the on coming stick men, naturally as you progress through the game the enemies become more and more numerous and increase in difficulty. Each enemy death has a monetary reward that can be used to purchase upgrades for both you and your tower. As i said a pretty generic tower defense game.

The graphics on Tesla Wars are very poor, The soldiers who attack you are stick figures, something i have no doubt is to keep the games power front print to a minimum, even the lightning bolts are simple blue lines that strike the approaching enemies with no flourish or graphical acknowledgement what so ever, the only graphical acknowledge you get of hitting the enemy is the simple fact that they blow up sending their blood all over the grass. You do at least get the option of blue or red blood which is nice but that is the only really customization you get, i choose the blue blood so i could feel like I’m killing Vulcan’s because i hate Vulcan’s.

Tesla Wars

The controls are a simple click affair, you see an enemy you click on it, the coil fires a lightning bolt and hopefully the enemy will die, This game does not like if you hit the screen with more than one finger though, i found myself faced with many bad guys on the screen and the screen failed to keep up with my clicking and missed many bad guys, this only helps aid this games ridiculous difficultly scale, this game is brutal, its too hard if you ask me, by the fourth level you are completely overwhelmed and struggling,  there should be a challenge to a game but at least let me feel like I’ve achieved something before you make me slog on and on, becoming more and more frustrated, level four felt like level 10 to me but then who knows i may just be a bad gamer.

Despite my misgiving i did get some challenge out of this game but i think that was more down to its difficultly rather than game-play, now I’m not one to attack a generic game for being too samey, Im that guy who buys every copy of pokemon on day one and plays them for six months straight and that game has been the same since it launched, no, my problem with this game is that its just not that good, for what it is you can get much better games, games with more strategy, games with better graphics and some of those games will be free unlike this which requires 69p with in game purchases, if your that way inclined and because of that i can’t in good conscience give this game more than a 2.

Tesla Wars 2/6


2 responses to Tesla Wars – The iphone game review

  1. On July 26th, 2013 at 9:42 am , Lissa said...

    That is too bad. I actually like Defense Grid.

  2. On July 26th, 2013 at 1:15 pm , Paul Bailey said...

    its is but the bad games make the good games better, its really the lack variety that hurts it most off all.

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