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The Beta Blues!

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The Beta Blues!

This about no game in particular and that I am not talking about any game this is beta right now.

What does it take to get into Beta?

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to get into beta. Is it the specs of your computer, is your name, is it my system specs, or who you are?

Being a gamer I can say that I have signed up for too many beta test many games over the years, I would bet a lot more than the average gamer. Since starting the website I have had much better luck getting into betas.

Not really sure if a website like this pulls much weight but I can assure you I get a lot of beta invites, sometimes too many to dedicate too much time in these games.

So anyway is there some sort of bias in actually getting a beta invite in the first place or is just random and I’m just looking into this too much? Not sure either way, but you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be playing and reporting what beta game I can in the future.

NDA? (Non-disclosure agreement)

I finally you get into beta and now you can’t tell anyone! What’s the deal with that anyway? Yeah sometimes they make an exception for bloggers and the press.

In all reality they are protecting their product until they see fit for its release. If not it would be like an artist showing a painting when its half way done.

If I get to play the coolest game out there and I can’t tell anyone about it what’s the point of playing it in the first place? That is like punishment to me sometimes!


I’m just throwing some ideas around, I wish everyone the best of luck getting into the Beta game of your choice, sometimes it’s tough waiting but keep your fingers crossed. Being able to participate in beta is like a privilege just remember that. Dont get the beta blues!

So today I ask you, is there a game that you wanted to get into play and couldn’t or what was your best beta moment?

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