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The Boss Has Spoken

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Last night after we wrote something about what Ed Fries said, the head of the Xbox posted something that negated Fries’ statement.  Phil Spencer said, “I don’t believe VR is a fad.”  A very strong comment coming from a person who’s been working hard for a VR project of their own.  Talks about Microsoft’s VR project began in as early as 2010, back then the only clear information is the tentative name for their VR project which is project Fortaleza.  And as we said on the last article, last week it was divulged that Microsoft spent a total of more than 150 million US dollar for the said project.

The buzz about VR started to gain attention when the news about the Oculus Rift surfaced.  Oculus Rift was then bought by the social networking giant, Facebook to a whooping amount of two billion US dollar.  Sony has also unveiled their VR project called the Project Morpheus.

The tweet of the head of Xbox may have been a response to a twitter follower asking for his opinion regarding on the statement of Ed Fries on how Xbox One can topple PS4 in the console wars.  He said that the key to success are producing more exclusive games for Xbox One.  He also diss the idea of a VR and believed that it won’t reach a favorable success.  He sounded as if he wants to reiterates that VR would just be a waste of money.

Considering that the team of Phil Spencer have been working on this project for as early as 2010, it is but normal for him to react on a statement of someone who has a little faith on the project that you love.  But Ed Fries’ has a point in saying that VR TV has not shown a gradual increase in performance, given that a TV is visible in all of our houses.  How can something that only attracts most of the younger generation be an instant big hit?  In my opinion VR is a bit ahead of its time.  It is something that is cool to have but not something you are gonna need.  Unless of course there is more to a VR than a gaming tool.  These companies might wanna include a feature to their VR that will attract not only the gamer, something that can be used to surf the net, read a magazine watch online etc.  But of course adding those features only increase the production cost thus having an expensive price in the market.

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